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There’s a constant debate about what constitutes Apple computers that can be considered “better” than PCs. “Better” is, of course, an individual term. For instance, although MacBooks are generally believed to be more intuitive, when you’re a frequent Windows user for the first time you step before the Mac, It will not appear that way.

In any event, we have the list of distinctions. If you’re looking for anything else, these are good reasons to consider purchasing the Mac.

  1. Macs are less expensive in the long term

Yes, you can purchase the Windows PC for fewer up-front dollars. However, much determine the actual cost of ownership is based on the purchase price and the residual value once you have sold it or traded it. The difference between those two numbers will tell you how much your computer will cost to buy. If you look at the costs of owning a computer in this manner, MacBooks win easily. You have to compare the worth of a Windows PC from three months ago (which is usually near zero) and then compare it to the value you’ll find for your three-year-old Mac. It’s nearly always a no-brainer.

  1. In general, when Apple is making assumptions with their software and usually gets it right. Microsoft usually makes it wrong

It’s subjective, but when you’re running Microsoft’s software and even on a MacBook, it is known to make assumptions about your performing activities and stay one step ahead. In the majority of cases, it’s just frustrating. For example, In most instances, it isn’t delightful. For instance, in the default scenario, when you enter “1)” in Entourage or Word and the following paragraph is automatically named with”2)” or “1)” in Word, it will automatically be titled with “2)” even if you don’t want to. Most people spend their time trying to rewrite the assumptions rather than profiting from the presumptions. Microsoft is notorious for blocking the flow of information.

  1. Viruses

Although this has changed slightly in the past few years as Apple has made gains over Microsoft, Mac users enjoy a blissful existence without spyware, viruses, and malware. They can certainly have them. However, it’s less of a concern to Mac users than to Windows users.

  1. Time Machine and the Cloud

It’s not common for people to back up their drives (because it’s a must for every person). But it’s the Apple Time Machine that makes it so simple and elegant and sleek that you only have to plug into an external drive and switch the Time Machine on. It’s more than only a backup; the ability to go back to retrieve a file you’ve erased. Apple will also assist with backups with the use of iCloud. It is particularly loved by multi-device users like iPhones and iPad: iPhone or iPad.

  1. If there is a problem.

Microsoft creates the software. Dell, Sony, HP, and numerous other companies create their version of the Windows PC. You also have drivers from third parties and whatever else you need for the peripherals. If you face any issue, everybody points fingers at the other. When it comes to the MacBooks problem, it is most of the time with Apple. Of course, any user of Macbook Repair Dubai who has ever faced an issue or question will be able to attest to the attentive assistance we offer to sort everything out for them, too.

  1. Apple makes updating its OS easy; Microsoft still keeps it difficult

Apple effortlessly transitions customers to the latest version of OS free of charge. Windows don’t have the same naming scheme. The versions are 7,8, XP, Vista, CE, NT, 98, and 2000. The only thing we can do is that their sporadic approach to naming is similar to their different way of working with their OS.

  1. Microsoft is for those who enjoy playing with computers. Apple is for those who want to finish their work

What’s pretty much true is that Microsoft’s back-end, server-infrastructure kinds of things are well-handled because it is in the “land of the geeks,” who love to drill into the equipment with all the settings and understand all the acronyms. People enjoy using Windows in the front-end, as they know the intricacies and the complexities inherent to computers. Apple isn’t quite as famous as it is in this IT world, but this is fine since its user interface on the front end to “the rest of us” doesn’t require computer wizards to get the job accomplished.

  1. Let’s face it, Apple understands style

There are many different designs of PC available almost everyone agrees that the look elegant, classy, and pure “hipness” of the Mac is yet to be beaten. They look great. In addition, since they’re not part of that “I can make it cheaper” fight within the PC market, MacBooks’ performance is unbeatable.

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