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DuraFast Label Company offers a variety of shading inkjet printer. However, it is important to understand the inks and inkjet advancements before you can choose the shading inkjet printer that suits your needs. There are two types of inks: shade-based and color-based inks. This is why you need to know about the different inkjet printers and how they’re used by organizations to provide proficient shading names.

Dye-Based Inkjet Printers

Afinia L801, Primera LX900 and Primera LX500 are color-based inkjet printer name printers that produce dynamic tones. Color-based inkjet printers that produce shading names can create stunning full shading marks and print with excellent quality. They produce blacks that are deeper and richer than traditional color inks.

Printers that use color-based inkjet names can also be used with any mark substrate, including those made of gleaming materials. Most color-based inkjet printers are unable to print on gleaming media. One exception is the Epson TM-7500G.

We sell the following popular dye-based inkjet printers:

  • Primera LX900
  • Primera LX500
  • Afinia L801 Memjet
  • VIP Color VP485
  • Swift Color
  • EpsonTM-C7500G gloss label printer – This printer uses modified inks to print glossy product labels. These inks can be used with label media compatible with dye-based inks.

Full-color labels can be printed with dye-based inkjet printers. The dye-based inks may fade with time, especially if exposed to ultraviolet light. Any other issue related to printer visit printer repair service dubai.

Ink cartridges are used in traditional dye-based label printers. They are placed in a printhead that moves across the media.

Memjet Technology – The Fastest Dye Inkjet Label Printer

Memjet-fueled printers can also use color-based inks to produce full shading names. Memjet inkjet technology draws on large ink tanks and uses an enormous fixed print head to print full shade names in one pass. The fixed Memjet printhead allows for faster full shading name printing at 60 feet per minute and a 1600 dpi goal.

Pigment-Based Inkjet Printers

Clients who require stronger shading marks such as GHS BS5609-consistent name printing with inkjet printers for shade based names are best served by these printers.

Inks that are color based are less energetic than inks that are colored. They can also not be used with shiny media. However, the solidity of color inks is undisputed when they are used with valid name media. Shade-based inks are quick drying so spreading and smirching are no problem. The inks are resistant to blurring. DuraFast Chemical names can be used with a GHS tone inkjet printer with shade inks. You can also deliver GHS BS5609-approved name media. These names are resistant to synthetic compounds and long-term submersion in saltwater.

Ink tones will blur if there is a delay in UV light exposure. Consider using color inks with our GHS BS5609 Chemical Marks to provide better UV protection. Names will last longer. It is possible for some tones to blur in certain cases, but not as much if you used color-based inks.

For some applications, such as clinical example marks, modern or corrective names, naming may not require full GHS BS5609 conformance. Despite this, shade inks are often chosen for their protection against UV light, water, oil, and other synthetic substances. The marks can only be seen in a matte finish when using GHS BS5609 synthetic names stock with shade printers. There are no reflective or sparkling marks. The UniNet iColor 700 printer is a toner-based printer that can print sparkling or polished GHS BS5609 names. Many associations choose a shade-based inkjet printer to print more durable shading names and labels, such as the Epson Printer TM–C3500.

Which Inkjet Label Printers Are Right for You?

A dye-based inkjet printer or Memjet printer are the best choices for most businesses that need to print product labels. The Epson TM-7500G (gloss) and the Afinia L801 (light version) are two options worth considering. The Primera LX500 and LX900 are good options if you have a tight budget and low production volumes.

You can print labels for industrial, outdoor, medical, laboratory, and other applications using pigment-based inkjet printers such as the Epson TM–C3500 or TM–C7500.

Dye-based inkjet printers are not an option if you need to print GHS BS5609 compliant labels. Focus on either pigment-based, GHS BS5609 certified inkjet printers or GHS BS5609 compliant color laser label presses.

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