Get Started SAP on AZURE – 2022

Wish to become a best-run company? Then what are you waiting for? Just run your SAP on Azure.

Nowadays, all the market-leading enterprises around the globe run their business on SAP with cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure. 

Before going deep into the topic, first, let’s learn about Microsoft Azure and the benefits of using it.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that serves as the software’s development, service hosting, data storing, and service management environment.

Above all, It provides developers an on-demand compute and storage that hosts, scales, and manages the web applications on the internet through data centers at Microsoft. 

Together SAP + Azure delivers an intelligent solution with cloud-driven security, scalability, and agility to the organization. 

Therefore ,with Cinntra’s certified SAP experts, you don’t have to worry about anything. They are entirely committed to optimizing your SAP-to-Azure transformation at every stage with a vision and mission to automate your business altogether. 

Whether you’re still formulating or actively initiating your move, or you are already running on the cloud. We are here to help you optimize your Microsoft Azure with SAP.

Now that you have in mind ‘How This Software Will Help Your Organization,’ let’s quick dive into the blog and explore 6 good reasons to switch to SAP Azure.

6 Reasons To Switch To SAP AZURE


Microsoft Azure has 52 industry compliance and trusted certifications. It ensures a secure and reliable platform that will protect your organization’s and your customers’ data.


Moving to Azure will reduce your IT infrastructure costs by approximately 45% to 75%. All you need to do is pay for the capacity and services that you use.


Easy integration with other business applications, including Cinntra’s add on’s.


It takes charge of implementing robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions that ensure your business can get back on its feet after a mishappening event.


Quickly scale up or down your business infrastructure capacity to meet the business demands.


It is the largest cloud platform with a global footprint of cloud providers and guarantees 99.9% uptime, dramatically reducing the risk of an outage.

When we have learned about the 6 benefits of SAP on Azure, let’s scroll down and know how you can migrate to Azure. 

Now Migrate your SAP application with confidence and Cinntra. 


Cinntra will help you align the process of application-migration priorities with your overall business objectives. We leverage the automated methods and apply them together to meet the organization’s unique needs.

In addition, we have noted down stages to migrate your SAP applications with confidence in this blog. We are here or just a call away (+91 8882709959 ) to guide you on how to address the most business-critical steps of application migration:

Stage 1: SAP Cloud Assessment

Based on the detailed insights from the current SAP estate, we are committed to delivering a clear overview of the business needs. Then with the inputs, we build a roadmap that quickly helps move forward in the SAP migration journey.


However, you need to integrate public cloud services into the SAP platform, which will help optimize and introduce overall flexibility cost efficiencies and ensure the availability of the most business-critical system.


It fully modernizes the SAP environments by migrating to the Azure cloud. It introduces maximum agility flexibility and provides an edge of the foundation for SAP applications and workloads.

Stage 4: SAP Business One/ SAP S/4 HANA TRANSITION

Transition to SAP S/4HANA/ SAP Business One and benefits from the advanced analytics for the business. For instance, allowing the organization to create new insights, improve the decision, enhance SAP performance and improve competitiveness.

In conclusion, Cinntra Infotech would love to work with you and make sure that you enjoy the total leverage of SAP technology that will transform your business into an intelligent enterprise

Thus, with Cinntra you will benefit from our SAP expert of excellence, proven SAP implementation methodologies, and pre-configured SAP solutions. Just contact us to get your SAP implemented today:- 

Call No.: +91 8882709959 


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