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Home Medical Supplies: The Best Products for You

We all want to buy medical supplies that offer us numerous health benefits, alongside being easy to use, requiring no professional assistance. Here are two of the best home medical supplies currently available for you to purchase. Let’s start with the incentive spirometer lung strengthening device first!

Incentive Spirometer

An incentive spirometer is a handheld medical device that helps patients improve the functioning of their lungs by enabling them to breathe more deeply and freely. It quickens the process of recovery after a surgery or a lung disease.

It provides simplified spirometer facilitates that helps patients take slow, deep breaths and promotes lung expansion. Using an incentive spirometer comes with a plethora of health benefits that include:

  • Recovery post-surgery:

    Proper use of an incentive spirometer post-surgery helps keep your lungs active and reduces the risks of developing postoperative pulmonary complications such as bronchospasms, atelectasis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections. For instance, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Khanna, in his research on the efficacy of incentive spirometer in improving pulmonary functions. After upper abdominal surgery, concluded that patients who were in the incentive spirometer group had ‘better pulmonary functions’. Than the deep breathing exercise group after three days and five days of surgery.


  •    Lung expansion & strengthening:An incentive spirometer enables you to exercise your lungs while at rest and teaches you how to take slow deep breaths, thereby helping maximize lung capacity. It acts as a lung strengthening device that makes breathing easier and reduces breathlessness.


  •    Recovery from COVID-19 complications:Many doctors and specialists view it as a boon for Covid-19 patients who had previously developed severe symptoms and are recovering. Proper application of an incentive spirometer would help heal the lungs and speed up the recovery process.


  •    Prevention & treatment of pneumonia & COPD:It is widely used to treat pneumonia and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as it facilitates the breakup of mucus buildup in the lungs.


  •    Management of cystic fibrosis:Although cystic fibrosis is incurable, an incentive spirometer can help manage the severe symptoms by clearing fluid buildup. A 2015 study on cystic fibrosis patients confirms this claim.


  •    Treatment of other conditions:A medical professional might recommend the use of an incentive spirometer for patients suffering from chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, sickle cell anemia, bronchiectasis, amongst others.

Enema Products (Medical Supplies)

Enema is a procedure that involves fluid being injected into the rectum, facilitating bowel movement and evacuation. It helps in dealing with a plethora of issues that include:

  • The treatment of chronic constipation, as it softens fecal materials, thereby allowing in easier excretion.
  • It decreases body temperature in case of high fever and treats pyrexia.
  • Enables colon cleansing for various issues, including colonoscopy, lower GI X-ray, fluoroscopy, bowel resection, etc.
  • The enema suppliesare also used to relieve patients suffering from gaseous bloating of the abdomen.
  • It helps treat irritable bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and a lot of other ailments.

The Bottom Line 

Get these exciting home medical supplies immediately! Both the incentive spirometer and enema supplies are incredibly user-friendly and offer you many therapeutic benefits!

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