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How do you write an introduction for a nursing essay?

Nursing essays are just like any kind of essay but these contain more scientific steps that need to be addressed. The nursing essays are supposed to be well constructed along with good and relevant evidence. No matter what your topic is, you need to look into good research material to produce high-caliber discoveries .

The nursing essays are made of facts and figures, therefore the research methodology is of quantitative approach. When you write an essay’s introduction, you need to think of all the elements and points you want to cover in your essay. Then when you write your introduction, you have to add it in. You will explain what research topic you looked into and how you approached the topic. What discoveries have you made?
But how can you manage to add so much information to your introduction with the perfect flow, you need to build the structure of the introduction without missing out on any information. How do you do that? We have a guide by our nursing expert writer, by following this step-by-step guide you will eliminate any mistakes.

Nursing essay introduction by Dr. Amanda Fowler

A nursing essay introduction can be done with the help of a fine structure. If you want to compose a nursing essay introduction, you must be well aware of how a scientific essay introduction should look like.

Pick the nursing topic

The most crucial step is to pick a nursing topic. You can pick any matter that you feel strongly about. You need to feel passionate about said topic. Without enthusiasm, you won’t feel motivated to work on it. Most students feel that they are not receiving good grades in their nursing essays even though they try hard to research and write. This is due to the reason of decreased enthusiasm for a topic.

If you feel that you are interested in a topic that is related to nursing and that has been on your mind since you started working.

Outline the essay

Since you have the topic at hand, now is the time to outline your essay. Note down all the things that you have structured in your mind into an outline. Put those thoughts into the structure of the essay. Add in all the headings and subheadings to eliminate any mistakes. This way you will not miss out on any points. Some students have been known to get nursing essay help for their nursing introduction outline. With a solid outline, all you have left to do is to add the content.

Background information

The background information will provide the base for your essay introduction. If you have supporting data for your topic, the credibility of your essay will increase. Adding references makes your essay a lot more worthy of reading. Therefore, to quote other authors’ work is ideal for your research. In your introduction you must mention briefly that the research problem you have written on has been worked on before.
For instance you are working with a topic on “Nursing and medicine ethics”. Since medicine essay writing is a tough topic, you would require a good amount of background information to build your essay on it.

Research question

The research problem is added to your introduction like a thesis statement is added to an ordinary essay. The research question is the problem that you need to address in your introduction. It is one or two sentences that need to be strong enough for the reader to understand what your topic is about just by reading through the research question.

For example  “Nursing practices and ethics with homeless people” or “The successful nursing management in the intensive care unit”.

Expectations Vs reality

When you start your introduction, you need to start with what you want to achieve with your research, how you tried to approach the topic, and what results you achieved at the end. This way you are entailing the reader what your expectations were and what the reality of the situation is.

For instance when you start off with the a study about high nursing ethics in an old age ward, but in the mid of the research, you realize that the reality of the situation is different so you mention that the results you received.

This way the reader will be aware of what your expectations were for the study and what the results were.


What do you think about the post? Do you believe that this structure of the introduction will help you make sure the introduction is worthy?

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