How Does Chauffeur Service Differ From Taxi Business? Why Do You Need Unique App For It?

Most of us came across both taxi app and chauffeur services. But what are the key differences between them? I’ll explain that in this blog. By understanding the difference, you will recognize your business type in the ride-hailing service and can provide personalized service.

As a bonus, you will explore the benefits of developing an app clone script for your chauffeur service. Now let’s start with the definition of chauffeur service.

What Is Chauffeur Service?

A chauffeur is a person, who drives a vehicle for the passenger to travel from one place to another place with extended services. They are professional drivers with the skill set of customer service, client management, safety practices, traffic, and road sense. 

They will provide extended service like carrying customers’ luggage, aiding them to enter or leave the vehicle, and taking care of their passengers along with driving. Simply, they provide an elite experience in ride-hailing to their passengers. It can be called a chauffeur service, limo business, limousine service, etc.

Despite, both a taxi driver and chauffeur do pick up and drop off their customers from one place to another place, they have multiple differences. Now let’s check the differences in detail.

What Are The Key Difference Between Chauffeur And Taxi Services?

In this part, you will explore the key differences between the chauffeur and taxi services. Both do the same thing, but the level of service will change. Let’s see.

Difference In Duties – As we have seen before, the taxi service does only, pick up and drop off services. But a limousine service does wait and greet, assists to enter and leave the vehicle, and provides free wifi, water, and others during travel. 

Vehicles – Taxi businesses use ordinary vehicles for their business. But the chauffeur service provider uses only luxurious and reputed vehicles only. Usually, business people use this service. In common, chauffeur services use Limousines and they allow their customer to choose their vehicle.

Purpose of Business – Providing the ride-hailing service and earning money from that is the main purpose of the taxi business. But chauffeur businesses provide luxurious customer service and value along with ride service.


Taxi Fare Vs Chauffeur Charge – In many countries, taxis are using meters that are running concerning with time. If you use the taxi for one hour you have to pay the charge for one hour regardless of the distance you travel. In some countries, it depends on the distance. 

On another hand, most limousine services charge their customers fixed fee rates. For example, you have to pay a fixed amount to hire a specific limousine for a specific time. It depends on the firm.

Driver Vs Chauffeur – Any person with proper documents and license can be a driver but they need specific skills to be a chauffeur. Many nations have specific and unique rules for this service. So, only if the persons who meet the specific requirements, are recognized as chauffeurs. 

Need For Taxi And Chauffeur Service – When passengers want to travel some distance in a private vehicle, they hire a taxi service provider. The people will choose the limousine service for the special occasions. Besides this, most business people who want to travel prefer to hire a chauffeur service. 

Booking Service – A passenger can easily book a taxi at the time when they want. But, the limo service should be booked in advance. 

These are the main difference between the taxi and the chauffeur service app. If you are an entrepreneur in the ride-hailing industry, you must know these differences. Due to these, both businesses need a unique app.

Why Does Chauffeur Service Need An Unique App?

In case you are an entrepreneur who runs both taxi and chauffeur services, you need to build a dedicated platform to list your limo and taxi service.  The purpose of the business, booking process and payment methods, and other main business concepts differ from taxi and chauffeur businesses. 

Limo businesses should deliver luxuriousness along with customer service, while the taxi business should be economic and customer-centric. That means the target customers are different for each business. 

So, it is better to have separate applications for the respective businesses. When you have separate applications, your potential customers can easily identify your business and avail of your service. 

Developing two different applications for your business will make you wait for a long time and cost you double. But there is a simple solution to cut this difficulty.

Is App Clone Preferrable For Your Chauffeur Service?

App clones are the best ready-to-use solutions that can be used for taxi services and limo businesses. If you prefer this solution, you can reduce the time to launch the apps as soon and decrease the amount of development. 

The app clone has a high possibility of success as it is developed based on another app that is already getting successful in the market. But before you go for an app clone solution, try to find the best app developer team or firm which can provide a value proportion solution for your limo and taxi business. It is a crucial part to which you must pay attention.

Final Thoughts

Taxi and chauffeur services are different businesses that couldn’t deliver their values through a single app. That’s why you need to develop separate solutions for them. 

Developing an app clone will be the best cost-effective solution and it can also minimize the time to develop and launch. So, search and find the best app clone solution company worldwide to make your business applications.

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