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How Much Does Home Inspection Cost in Dubai?

Moving towards a new home in Dubai must be a fascinating and exciting thing but  some steps need to be taken before finalizing or shifting a new home experience. Buying a home or renting out a residence, home inspection require to keen an eye to ensure and acknowledge all the concerns about buying or renting out a new home experience.


Technical agents usually stand with you from the first visit of property in Dubai to inspect technical issues and advise you about the pros and cons of technicality of overall home condition.

Once you will get the home inspection report you will inform of all the issues that should have to fix before shifting home.

When you know the issues it will be easy for you to negotiate based on ignored issues and things.

Inspection before moving will save your time On specifying issues before moving to a new residence because you will fix the issues on one go and work smoothly and hassle-free.

Things that consider as inspecting a home before shifting to a new property area.

  • Scan plumbing issues
  • Scanning air conditioning system is working or needs some services
  • Potential moisture scan
  • Noise insulation
  • Properly scan electrical components.
  • Apartment finishing.
  • Highlight floor and ceiling.
  • Switches and plugs are working properly.
  • The intercom works properly.

Legally you have the right to scan and complain of any damage you have notice before shifting to a new property that must be fix and rebuilt if any construction is damage.

This is your right if you are renting a property or buying before.

Scan Major & Minor Defects

On hiring a Professional home inspection agent you will get to know all major and minor defects of the chosen residence and to know the facts it will get fix before moving into a new house.

These minor and major defects will cost you time and money in future if not fixed before holding.

If you are caught up in this kind of scenario, the best way to deal with it is to identify those facts and report them immediately to the Developer. 

Internal and External flaws

You can see an exterior and not judge its internal flaws until an expert technician inspects the property by himself through all his abilities and expertise.

By hiring an home inspection team you will be aware of all the external and internal damages and flaws of property and fixing them before shifting will be a safe decision.

secondary and primary defects in virtue, imperfections, omissions, as well as general building flaws and low workmanship. This is pursued by a thorough inspection (secondary and primary) of all areas of the new property.

Good time Conduct inspection

Scanning a property before buying or just before shifting is essential to make sure the quality matches with the payment you have paid for this property.

It is the developers’ responsibility to fix all the problems before handing over the property to buy or renter.

The qualify experts home inspection team will guide you with all the detailed reports and summary of defective things and issues that should be fixed before switching.

Experience Agent

You need to take occupancy of your new residence without the worry of fixing damages.

Snagging and inspection are necessary whether you are a property buyer, seller or investor in Dubai. Property buyers must understand that snagging is an investment that will prevent unanticipated costs in the future. 

Scanning a property before shifting is a must do part every buyer, investor must do.

Several hidden defects exist on your property.

Problems can be electrical, plumbing, internal and prominent defects must have been detect through the inspection team in Dubai.


off plan villas in Dubai means purchasing a property or villa before construction or during the construction of property.

  • Off-plan villas have great potential and profit while investing in them.
  • Purchasing a property in Dubai is a big decision and important steps in one’s life.
  • Selecting a good property and choosing the right decision makes a lot of difference in future expenditure.
  • Off-plan villas, townhouse, apartments, holiday homes and residential property included.

Buying an off plan property the risk of not getting the accurate condition residence is higher, because the deal was done before the structure was built on the basis of photos and videos but when off plan property finalize the risk of changing the structure or accessories might happen.

In this case you need an home inspection team to analyze all the points and statements being accomplish before the off plan property is hand over to the investor.

The inspection contained walls, ceiling, plumbing, switches, water supplies, fire extension, air conditioning system and electrical supplies.

Final call would be with a list of estimates of work for repair. All the damage can cause you to run away from problems in future.

The replacement of any issue will be fixed by developers.

Once you shift the house it will be hands-free to live in a complete finished home where happiness is around.

Next level real estate in Dubai that works on off plan property with his best results and payment plan.

Foreign Buyer

International buyers needed an inspection team to know the facts. It is helpful for foreign buyers and investors who are not residents of Dubai. Staying abroad you can not see the condition of property you are interested in buying or investment, here you seek to hire an agent to help you judge a property on your behalf and suggest you the best advice about property flaws.

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Before the handover, You will need a professional to check all doors, windows and other components are working correctly. Relying solely on a snag by the developer is a risk.

The pre-handover process is your last chance, to make sure your home is carefully analyze for any structural negligence and flaws. Performing a snag inspection before moving in makes it easier to address enduring issues. When you hire an independent snagging company, there should be a standard checklist of items at your property. You should expect the snag to include visual inspection of interior elements, wall conditions, indoor & outdoor electrical, air conditioning, fire safety systems and more.

The inspection gives you the surety that all your property appliances are working appropriately and no fixer great fuss after relocating a house.

A professional inspection agent will inspect thermal imaging, which detects moisture intrusion and overheating electrical units is essential to check during the inspection.

Most of the time the inspection property fees is between

1200 AED to 1500 AED

Real estate companies will give you the expert inspection team to avoid any inconvenience buying a property in Dubai 

When detail scanning of your property is completed , the inspection  team will give you the complete report of fixing things by the developer.

You make sure to fix the defect before moving to a property the by developer 

We recommend you request the layout of the property to understand where the plumbing and electrical lines run throughout your home. As you enter your home, do not hesitate to check all the accessories in your home are working correctly and all snags have to be fix.

Defect and Liability Period (DLP)

The Defect and Liability Period(DLP) for most developers is typically one year. We recommend you conduct a follow-up service for your property before the DLP ends. Any damages discovered will be the responsibility of the developer. We advise all property buyers in Dubai to hire a snagging company in Dubai to inspect your property. An independent snagging company will save you money in the future and assure that the property is in satisfactory condition.

Next level Real Estate is working for foreign buyers and people not living in dubai who have interests in buying off-plan villas, apartments, and penthouse without being a resident of dubai.

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