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How to apply to an Canadian University as a 24-year-old?

ANU Students come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds. Online Assignment Help Canada understand that many of our new students took various paths after leaving school. Often a long time ago, and are now ready to take the first step toward the university. Here is a detailed guide to applying to a Canadian University as a 24-year-old.


If you are above 21 and do not have an assessable qualification, you can apply as a senior-age student.

If you satisfy any of the following conditions, you do not need to undergo an entrance procedure. Meet the minimum admission standards in this scenario, and you should apply using the domestic undergraduate application method indicated on the advice page linked above.

  • Complete the year 12.
  • You must have completed at least one year of full-time equivalent (i.e., eight courses) at a university or college of higher education at the degree level, and you have an Associate Diploma, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma.

Some ANU postgraduate programs include work experience as a prerequisite for admission. Click on the Admissions & Fees tab in the programs and courses catalog on your program’s page to learn more about these criteria.

Suppose you don’t have an assessable qualification. In that case, you have a few entrance plan choices to choose from, and your decision will be based on how confident you are in your abilities to start full-time university study.

Schemes For Admission

Adult Admissions Program: Suppose you have finished year 12, and your results do not satisfy the minimal entrance requirements, but you are confident in your capacity to achieve at a university level. In that case, you might explore the Special Adult Entry Scheme, which is explained on the advice page linked above.

Courses That Are Both Preparatory And Bridge: If you are relatively confident in your fundamental abilities but believe you need to improve them before beginning degree-level studies, the University Preparation Scheme detailed on the advice page linked above may be of interest to you.

Pre-Tertiary Education: Suppose you believe you require assistance with fundamental academic skills. In that case, you should explore pre-tertiary courses at the Canberra Institute of Technology or a TAFE Institute in New South Wales, as stated on the advice page above.

Earn A Diploma Or An Advanced Diploma: ANU will evaluate qualifications at least a Diploma level. We do not assess qualifications at the Certificate level. If you want some prior experience in a topic before commencing an undergraduate degree. You might want to consider earning a Diploma.

University Research: You may also consider spending a year at another institution and then applying to an ANU program. Through the Universities Admissions Centre based on your full-time results from that year.


After sending the required papers and other application criteria to the chosen universities. You may now wait for a response from the university, which generally takes a week. To know more about admission, you can help from online assignment help Canada services. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the visa requirements by contacting your local Canadian Government office. Or visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s official website. You can also make the appropriate arrangements to pay the course cost and assist their living expenses in Canada.

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