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How To Balance Your Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra, which is also known as the “Sahasrāra Chakra” in Hindi, is one of the most important chakras. It is known as the bridge between physical life and non-physical life. For example, the theory of yoga states that everything in this universe is connected in one way or more. Our connection to this universe is through our crown chakra. It is situated at the top of our heads. It is responsible for things such as connecting us with our souls, enlightenment, wisdom, and universal consciousness. 

The purpose of these chakras is to help us with things that are beyond our understanding through normal rules of physics. There is no denying in things such as souls, connected consciousness, and enlightenment as it has been present throughout entire human history. All of these concepts make the crown chakra one of the most important chakras in our body. That is why keeping it open and keeping it in balance is very important. 

Because if it is open and we do not balance it can be dangerous for our physical life. That is why we should keep it in balance. Here are some of the most effective methods that are tested by yoga teachers from all over the world. These are the safest and most effective methods to create balance in your crown chakra. 

Ways To Balance Crown Chakra:

Here is the list of ways to balance your crown chakra. 

  • Be Quiet:

Quietness is one of the most important ways to balance your crown chakra. When you are quiet and there is no noise in your surroundings, you will be able to create a connection between your consciousness. This can lead to multiple things such as spiritual enlightenment and other benefits. Based on the results of the above example, we can say that quietness has a lot of impact on the crown chakra. That is why we can use it to balance our crown chakra. So, if you want to balance your crown chakra, you should find quiet spaces, and sit there quietly. This will help you open and control the balance of your crown chakra. 

  • Use Meditation:

Meditation has been used for centuries to maintain a balance between your physical self, and spiritual self. That means it is also effective for controlling and balancing our crown chakra. So, if you are looking forward to learning some of the most effective ways to balance your crown chakra that has been tested for centuries, you should start learning specific poses in meditation that are used for balancing the crown chakra. You should do these poses with great care daily. This will help you increase your balance and will make it easy for you to maintain your crown chakra. 

  • Do Yoga Poses:

Another important and very effective method that you should use for this purpose is the use of yoga poses. There are a lot of yoga poses that can be used for this purpose. So, you should learn these poses and keep doing them to maintain your control and balance over your crown chakra. You can learn yoga poses for these purposes from Arhanta Yoga Ashram, which is an online yoga ashram that teaches some of the best methods for controlling and balancing your crown and other chakras. They will also provide you with a lot of research material on balancing your chakra through yoga poses that you can keep using.  

  • Eat Pure Diet:

Your diet has a lot of impact on your overall control and balance of your chakras. So, if your diet is not pure, your chakras will either get blocked or will become imbalanced. To avoid these situations, you will need to change your diet. You should only eat vegan products and avoid eating meat and other products that contain meat. This change will hugely impact your health and will help you improve your control of the crown chakra. It will also help you balance your other chakras as well.

  • Gratitude Practice:

You will also have to learn to practice gratitude which means you will have to learn to be thankful for everything. You can learn this by practicing saying thank you or thanks for everything positive that happens. Even the smallest thing such as if someone lets your cross in front of them, you should thank them and show your gratitude. This will bring spirituality in you, which can help you control your connection with your consciousness. This is how it will help you control your crown chakra. 

  • Provide Peace To Your Mind:

Providing peace to your mind is also very important. As you may know that our crown chakra lies above our head. So, if your brain is not at rest or in a peaceful state, it would impact your mind and also your connection with the cosmos. Hence it will cause disturbance and imbalance in your crown chakra. That can be prevented by providing peace to your mind. You can do this by doing multiple exercises such as breathing and laying down. This will help you control your brain function and that will improve your balance of crown chakra. 

  • Get Proper Sleep:

Getting proper sleep also impacts your crown chakra. Crown chakra is about consciousness. So, when you are sleeping and your physical activity is limited, your crown chakra works on improving your connection with the cosmos. But it cannot do it if you are not sleeping peacefully or if you’re not sleeping properly. For these reasons, getting a proper good night’s sleep is very important and you should give yourself rest to maintain the balance in the crown chakra. 


The article above contains all the information that you need to maintain a balance in your crown chakra. If you are interested in controlling it and balancing it through meditation and yoga, then you should join Arhanta Yoga Ashram as they provide some of the best mentoring related to this matter. You will learn a lot of important lessons that will help you control the crown chakra balance.

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