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How to Check Clean Air for Breathing

The capital city -Delhi had recently shut down schools due to a poor air quality index. The situation has become worse with winter at its head and the aftermath of Diwali celebrations. Breathing clean air has become a kind of luxury in the country. The air quality index of India has hit a poor number on the scale leaving denizens to look for ways to breathe unpolluted clean air.

If you think only the air outside is contaminated, the air inside also needs checking up so that you at least breathe safely at home.

Before looking at how to check the air quality inside your house, it would be practical to first understand the concept of the air quality index.

What is Air Quality Index (AQI)?

It is a measurement used by the government agencies to inform the citizens how polluted the air is or will be in that specific area or location. It is important since poor air quality will lead to health risks such as breathing problems and contamination of lungs in the people. Different countries use their standard of measurement.

The AQI is computed by measuring the concentration of air pollutants over an average period with the help of an air monitor. The concentration and time together mark the air quality of that area. For instance, the air quality index of India lists different states’ air quality and ranks them from the best to worst.

Why Do You Need to Check Air Quality?

The reason we are alive is ‘breathing’. An abrupt change in the oxygen levels can affect the whole functioning of the body. The respiratory system helps absorb oxygen through breathing for all the organs to perform their functions. So, to breathe clean air means to live a healthy life. Imagine if you live in a highly polluted city and you are not been aware of it; the consequences can then become hazardous to your health.

How to Check Indoor Air Quality Index? 

The poor indoor air quality can arise from various sources. These can be poorly ventilated homes, wood stoves, proximity to highly busy roadways, and such. You will get updates on the air quality outside, however, to check inside you will need to bring home an indoor air quality monitor. This monitor will help you detect pollutants and sources; giving you information on the variations of the pollutants or the particles throughout the day.

An air quality monitor is a half egg-shaped sleek device that detects the poor air quality at your home in real-time. The screen will show you the numbers that may change throughout the day informing you of the quality.


Breathing clean and fresh air has become difficult in the country due to global warming and increased pollution. The struggle to protect and make a green planet has a long way to go. However, though changing the air quality may not be within our hands at the moment, but we can keep it in check with an indoor air quality monitor to breathe clean air.

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