How to check if your black diamond is real?

Dark jewels are that strange, lovely glossy precious stone that comes in this charming dark tone.

There are many type of  black diamond available in market like loose black diamond , loose salt and pepper diamond etc

Nonetheless, numerous comparable looking stones are flowing on the lookout. Albeit dark jewels happen normally, they can likewise be synthetic. While the look might be comparable, they have an immense contrast in esteem. This article discusses how you can recognize a genuine and counterfeit loose black diamond prior to buying it.

Dark jewels come in three classes:

Normal – These normally happening dark jewels have more groups of graphite inside them instead of the white precious stone. This gives them their variety.

Treated Dark Jewels – A white precious stone that is exposed to light and intensity gives us the treated dark jewels. Generally industry-grade white jewels are utilized for this cycle. These jewels are a lot less expensive than normal dark precious stones.

Man-made dark jewels – This is gotten by blending them in the lab. There’s as yet continuous discussion in the event that these stones ought to as a matter of fact be named jewels in any case.

The initial step to recognizing in the event that a dark jewel is genuine or counterfeit is to sort out whether or not it’s, as a matter of fact, a precious stone.

Waterdrop test: A genuine jewel has a high thickness. Take a nearly filled glass of water and drop the jewel in it. In the event that it sinks to the base, it’s genuine. Assuming it floats on top or just beneath the outer layer of the water, then it’s phony.

The Dab test: Jewels areas of strength for have power.

The light bobs inside them on various occasions and never goes in an orderly fashion.

Take a clear paper and draw a dab on it with a pen. Place the level side of the jewel on this dab.

Assuming you take a gander at the paper through the sharp finish of the jewel and see the dab, then the precious stone is phony.


The Haze test: Jewels are great guides of intensity. Hold the jewel or the ring between your fingers.

Inhale out a wisp of air onto the jewel. The intensity and dampness in your breath will cause hazing on a superficial level.

In the event that this quickly vanishes, the jewel is genuine. In the event that it requires investment for the haze to scatter, the jewel is phony.

The Intensity test: Jewels are extreme. They can oppose very high intensity.

Utilize a lighter to warm your jewel for a couple of moments.

Have a glass of water prepared to drop the hot jewel following warming it.

A phony jewel will break because of the unexpected extension and withdrawal of issue. A genuine jewel will hold its structure.

The Flash: Jewels mirror light very well. Hold the stone under any light source.

In the event that the light bobs off the stone perfectly and you’re ready to see a few hued radiates, then the jewel isn’t phony. A dull reflection implies the stone is phony.

Since the jewel being referred to has finished the assessment, now is the right time to inspect in the event that the dark precious stone is normally dark or not.

Normal dark jewels are very hard to cut. In the event that your stone has too smooth edges and cut excessively exactly, chances are, it’s anything but a true dark jewel. Except if it’s likewise valued as needs be.

Look at the edges of the jewel appropriately. In the event that you notice hazier shades of brown as opposed to dark, it’s anything but a genuine dark jewel.

The dark variety should be uniform all through the stone. In the event that there are various shades present, that is an indication that you’re dealing with a phony stone.

You could likewise involve a great jewel analyzer for this reason. That is the one valid and solid test that can get the deformities in the jewel that aren’t gotten by the natural eye.

The main viewpoint while buying a dark jewel is to ensure you’re getting it from a rumoured vender.

Ensure you trust the shop and the wellspring of the gems. A very much rumoured shop is normally not going to manage counterfeit items.

Your dark jewel should have a smooth surface, a decent cut, and a rich variety that is normal for a characteristic dark precious stone. With Zee Jewels, you don’t need to stress over fakes as we offer the perfect choice for you.

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