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How to control the screen time of children on MAC computers.

Apple has introduced exciting computers over the ages. Its gadgets are popular among all age groups. Children are always inclined towards apple gadgets. The main reason for this addiction is that Apple makes its products with a precision that one cannot get out of it. Apple phones and MAC computers are some of these gadgets. Mac computer and a strong internet connection is the perfect recipe to sit hours and hours online. There are many online world attractions like movies, gaming, and social media websites. Adults can handle time management online. But children are not mature enough to manage their time. The fun activities online should be in line with curricular activities.

Effect of increasing Screen time on children.

The online world is like drugs. Children find exciting stuff on the internet all the time. YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites are so addictive that it is difficult to stay away. But this is not a good thing. Overuse of computers can affect children in many ways. Some of these are:

  • Physiological issue.

The overuse of computers leads to psychological issues in children. The online world is a virtual world. By excess use of the online world, the children get distant from the real world. One cannot give enough time to real people. The trust level decreases. This leads to many physiological issues.

  • Health issue.

Children who are more into the online world are less active physically. This leads to many health-related issues. The child with less physical activity has weaker brains. Staying indoors all the time working on MAC computers is not a good routine.

  • Online world threats.

The more the child stays online the more the threats of the digital world. Children get exposure to online world threats when they are online.

How to reduce the Screen time of the children?

It is hard to reduce the screen time of children having MAC computers. Parents are always trying to do so. They want to protect their children in any case, anywhere, anytime. There are ways to achieve this goal. Below are some of them.

  • Talk to Children

There is a solution to every problem when it is on the table. Parents need to be friendly with their children. They should not talk to the children in a bossy manner. Instead, they should talk nicely and let the children feel comfortable. Only then the children will listen to the parents and understand their concerns.

  • Use MAC monitoring software.

There are many monitoring software in the market. It is more like a digital hack to check the activities of the child on his MAC computer. Mac tracking software enables the parents to keep an eye on the online activities of the child 24/7. The software provides the parents with a complete report on computer usage. It also offers screenshot features. Screenshots are on demand and are not in the control of parents. Some other exciting features include email monitoring and keylogger report. All this monitoring can be done through an online web portal. The online web portal comes with the MAC monitoring software. The user gets the login credentials upon subscriptions. Parents can also put restrictions on certain websites. This may include online gaming websites. Or online movies websites. Parents can also check the status of the MAC system like wifi, battery status, and other stuff.


  • Put Internet restriction.

Another way to reduce screen time is to disconnect the internet. The MAC computers are exciting but without the internet, it is not fun anymore. The unavailability of the internet affects the use of MAC. This is also a good way to control the screen time of the kids.

Thus, by using above mentioned methods, parents can control the screen time of kids to some extent. Controlling screen time is very essential for the good of children. In order to keep children safe from the hazardous digital world, parents must take steps. They must adopt new digital methods to keep children in line.


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