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How to crack UPSC in the first attempt ?

UPSC is definitely one of the toughest exams in the country but it can be cracked in the first attempt. It needs dedication and hard work. Many of the students have cracked UPSC in the first attempt. So, it’s clear, anyone can clear UPSC. First, decide if you really want to prepare for UPSC, then give it a proper time for preparation. It’s not easy to clear UPSC in one day. It’s a long process.

Here i am sharing about how to crack UPSC in the first attempt:-

1.Understand the syllabus and exam pattern of UPSC

When you make up your mind about preparing for UPSC, the next important thing is to understand the syllabus and pattern of the exam. Without understanding, one can not prepare properly for the exam. So, go through the syllabus and try to understand it. You can check it online also. There are many coachings who provide all the important information related to UPSC. Legacy IAS Academy Bangalore is the best and the most trustable institute for UPSC preparation.

2. Well planned strategy

A well planned strategy is a must for the preparation. You should make a strategy and prepare accordingly. Set a time-table and divide all the subjects according to the time- table. By this you can cover all the subjects.

3. Join coaching if necessary

Coaching classes is not necessary if you can do it by self study. When you feel difficulties in preparation, without any hesitation join a coaching. There are many coachings for UPSC which provides quality education for UPSC. Before joining any coaching, always make sure that you have gathered all the important information about the coaching like past results, faculty, infrastructure and teaching methodology.

In my opinion, Legacy IAS Bangalore is the best IAS coaching in India for UPSC exam preparation. 

4. Make good notes

Well prepared notes always help in preparation. If you want to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt, make a habit of making notes. You can remember things easily by self-prepared notes. 

5. Hard work

Hard work is the key to success. Without hard work you can not clear UPSC and any other exam. As UPSC is the toughest exam, it needs hard work and dedication. Read success stories of toppers. They shared their journey of UPSC and about their success. Hard work is the only common thing which each of the toppers had talked about. Try to learn from them. They have an inspirational journey of UPSC.

6. Preparation for current affairs

Preparation of current affairs is important for exams as well as for interviews. Mostly Interviewers ask trending questions. For this you have to prepare for current affairs. Make a habit of reading newspapers daily, especially the editorial part. It will give you all the information related to the exam. Prepare notes with the help of the newspaper for current affairs.

7. Answer writing practice 

Always include answer writing practice in your daily preparation. Answer writing practice is very important.  You can increase your memory power by practicing answer writing daily. Start focusing on the quality of the answer. You can score well by writing quality. Don’t make it lengthy and unnecessary. Be consistent in your answer writing practice. It will give benefits in prelims as well as mains exam.

8. Mock test  

Mock test helps students to prepare for the UPSC Syllabus. Most students get stressed at the time of the exam. Mock tests help them to prepare for exam-like situations. It gives a chance to find out their weak points and they can work on it. By attending mock tests students get a chance to improve the weaknesses. There are many online coachings which conduct mock tests from time to time. 

9. Previous year papers practice

Preparing previous year question papers helps a lot in the UPSC exam. Always solve previous year question papers and include it in your study plan. After solving the previous year question papers you get a clear idea about your preparation. You can understand the level of your preparation. Make a strategy for your study plan after knowing your preparation level.

10. Interview preparation

Interview is the last stage of the UPSC exam. It all depends on your self confidence  and preparation. Interview is the deciding stage of your rank in the UPSC exam. It is mentioned in the UPSC notification that the objective of the interview is to test the overall orientation of the candidate. So be confident and prepare for the interview. There is no syllabus which students need to prepare for an interview. You  just need to show your personality in front of the interview board. 

So, be focused in your preparation. Anyone can crack UPSC in the first attempt.  It all depends on your hardwork and consistent performance. Nothing is impossible. Have faith in you and start preparing for UPSC.

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