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How To Develop a Travel & Hotel Booking App Like Expedia?

Tourism is a vast industry that includes hotels, travel agencies, insurance companies, etc. There is a good deal of travel and hotel booking apps in the tourism industry, out of which Expedia stands out the best because of its unique features.

Expedia is a travel portal app where users can plan and book their traveling journey accordingly. All the features like booking flight tickets to hotel booking, easy use, and compatible prices are under one roof, making Expedia a unique app and enhancing the user’s travel experience.

Being a business owner, are you looking for a hotel app development solution for your users? If yes, this post will guide you to create an online travel and hotel booking app like Expedia.

Guide To Start an Online Travel Agency Like Expedia

1) Initial Planning

Initially, planning is the first thing you should start with your development journey. When you are planning to develop an app for business prospects, you should plan accordingly.

Your planning should cover the type of app, the app design, the technologies you will use, and many more things. It will help your app to develop the way you want.

2) Market Research

Market research is essential when you are starting your business. Good market research helps you analyze the market and tell you about your competitors, market demand, and many more. These things help you to frame all these things in the app, which makes your app unique from others.

3) Hiring The Best Travel Mobile App Development Company

After market research, it’s time to choose the best resource for developing a travel booking app. In the competitive market, you will find plenty of mobile app development companies, but picking the right one can be difficult. Before approaching, you can follow these steps:

  • Ask them for their past portfolio,
  • Analyze their expertise and experience,
  • Outreach to their past clients to seek feedback,
  • Look at their reviews on different platforms.

Performing all these above pointers will help you select the best hotel booking app development company.

4) Choosing The Right Platform

You can develop two different apps for different platforms (Android and iOS), or you can use cross-platform. Cross-platform frameworks help you to create the same app for two different platforms using the same codebase. Again, choosing the right platform is equally important based on your user’s usage and business requirements.

5) App Features & Design

Since you plan to develop a travel booking app, you can’t create a simple app and make it live. No users will use an app that has no design or features. You can avail of mobile app development services and add app features and designs.

Some features you can include are a booking portal, travel suggestions, a secure payment gateway, profile management, a good UI/UX design, etc.


By now, you would have known the steps to develop an app like Expedia. The tourism industry is growing, and it can give you a huge profit in the upcoming few years if you have implemented things effectively.

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