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How to Import PST Folder into PDF?

The user will find a complete solution on how to import PST folder into PDF format, including attachments and other data items. In this blog, we have gathered the most suitable PST to PDF Converter for you to export Outlook emails to PDF in a matter of seconds. It is a completely risk-free solution that print PST file to PDF with 100% accuracy and safety. The following section will teach you “How to import PST folder into PDF.”

Free Technique to Convert Outlook Data to PDF Document

Follow the step-by-step manual steps to move Outlook email into PDF format:

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook program and choose an email which you need to export.
  2. Then, save it in HTML format to your wanted destination path.
  3. After that, open the file in MS Word.
  4. Now, save the database in PDF file format.

Note: If you want to export all desired emails? Then, again repeat the above-mentioned steps repeatedly.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

The free solution has some disadvantages, as it cannot save your attachment and bulk emails during the procedure. There are chances of data loss as well as consumes a lot of time and user efforts. It allow you to convert a single email item in a single conversion process. Once you have a multiple data items then this process is not supported. The manual process required Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Reader applications installation. It required complete technical experts to perform this process.

Alternative Way to Bulk Print Outlook Emails to PDF with Attachments

The free manual method is also good for converting a single PST file to PDF format. Moreover, the method need Outlook installation and most the users need a solution which installation of Outlook is not mandatory. Moreover, in this post, we will tell you an easy solution to import PST files to PDF format. CubexSoft PST Converter for Mac & Windows OS is a smart and powerful application, which offers you direct method of how to import PST folder into PDF. The amazing tool has multiple advanced and unique features that makes the migration so smooth and effortless. It is designed with simple and user friendly graphical interface. Users belong to any work field no matter whether it is technical or non-technical, can utilise the software with ease. Let us see why this solution is better than later one.

Why Alternative Solution is better than Manual Technique?

PST to PDF Converter for Mac & Windows software knows users requirements and give you exactly what you are looking for to PST save data as PDF formatLet us look some advanced functions of application to understand the software more deeply:

  • The application allows you to batch save multiple Outlook emails as PDF format without any data loss.
  • The tool is a completely independent. It does not need to depend on any third party application to convert PST file to PDF online.
  • It enables you to set page setting layout according to your needs with “PDF Page Layout Settings” option.
  • While exporting PST files to PDF, the application does not make any changes in email properties.
  • It is a very simple user-friendly interface, both technical and non-technical users can easily handle the software without technical knowledge.
  • It provides you to save converted data items at desirable location.
  • It provides date-filter option to convert selected PST files to PDF adobe without any issues.
  • MS Outlook installation is not required for the migration process.
  • It enables to convert all Outlook attachments into PDF format.

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