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How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass?

Spray paint is great, isn’t it? It allows you to brighten up anything from furniture, walls, and even glass. But as with all projects, there are times when things don’t go according to plan, and a can of spray paint can land right on your car window or—gasp—your home window! Sometimes, however, you may want to remove it from glass. For example, you might spray paint a mirror in your bedroom and then decide that the color isn’t right. Removing spray paint from glass isn’t hard, as long as you know what you’re dealing with. Today, we will give you some tips to remove spray paint from glass.

Acetone is one of the best way to remove spray paint from glass:

Spray painting the frame of an old mirror, glass top or glass sliding doors can be a simple, fun home improvement project. It can be used to spruce up a mirror, to cover cabinets, or transform a dresser into something new. Unfortunately, you can’t paint over glass. However, once done, it can be difficult to remove the paint. If you have mirrors or glass doors that have been spray painted, here is how to remove the paint with acetone. Soak the acetone in the rag then rub at the area where to remove paint. Acetone is commonly used to remove paint from glass, especially in the automotive industry. However, this can be very hazardous to do at home as it requires very careful ventilation and lighting.

Try non-harsh chemical as vinegar:

When you’re painting a fence or other metal object, the spray paint can sometimes leave sticky residue behind. If you want to paint again soon, it’s best to get rid of the old paint and try not to use harsh chemicals. In this case, using ordinary white vinegar is a great non-toxic solution. Spray paint is tough stuff to remove. Its oil base makes the paint incredibly hard and durable. Using too much can lead to unsightly drips, runs and splatters. Spray paint is nothing more than colored lacquer, and lacquer is a form of plastic. Vinegar dissolves plastic. Soak a rag in the vinegar and lay it on the scratch or scuff mark until the area stops bubbling.

Remove spray paint from glass by using mineral spirits:

If you have paint on glass, mineral spirits are the best way to remove it. Mineral spirits are an inexpensive petroleum distillate that works to dissolve paint. You can use mineral spirits to remove most types of paint from glass surfaces. Diluted mineral spirits won’t damage the glass And mineral spirits won’t leave behind any oily residue. 

Therefore, if you love the look of the glass surface, this is the best option.

Acquire mineral spirits, which are sold at hardware stores in the paint section. You can also purchase them online at Amazon or other vendors. You will also need a clean cloth or rag and a spray bottle with water. Do not use full-strength mineral spirits on glass or any other surface. Instead, mix some water into your mineral spirits to create a solution of about 10 percent mineral spirits to 90 percent water. The exact proportions don’t matter as long as you have enough water and it isn’t too much mineral spirits (which is never good).

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