How to Select the Right Sports Shoes for Men?

Are you looking for the perfect pair of sports shoes for men? Walk into any shoes store -online or offline, and you will encounter a myriad of shoe designs or patterns to choose from. There is no denying the fact that selecting the best-fitting and the most functional sports shoes for men can be a difficult decision. To make things even more complicated, not every athletic shoe will be the right choice for you. Whichever pair you choose should fit perfectly -right from toe to heel while feeling comfortable throughout your day-to-day running stride. 

Sports shoes, gym shoes, sneakers, or athletic shoes -whatever you might call them, proper-fitting sports shoes for men can prevent injuries and enhance the overall performance of your activity. If you are on the lookout for the perfect running shoes for men, you should consider several factors.  

Tips to Buy the Right Sports Shoes for Men 

When you are on the lookout for the best sports shoes for men, here are some factors to consider: 

The Fit of the Shoes 

Every part of the athletic shoe will have a specific purpose. Moreover, a sports shoe for men is designed to fit the feet in a specific manner. Even a minor difference in the fit can affect your overall experience. While buying running shoes for men, it is imperative for you to understand each component of the shoe and how each part should fit perfectly.  

  • Upper: The part of the shoes above the sole is referred to as the upper. In the modern era, manufacturers make use of cutting-edge 3D printing and knitting technologies to create a seamless one-piece that is capable of stretching and supporting the right places of your foot.  
  • Ankle Collar: It is a wrap at the shoe’s top opening responsible for holding the heels in place. Some shoe designs make use of thick padding. On the other hand, there are others that tend to rely significantly on the shape to offer support to the ankle bone.  
  • Heel Counter: It is available as a semi-rigid cup that has a rearfoot layering for cradling and supporting your heels. Some shoes might even feature an outer heel wrap for serving a similar function. You should search for heels delivering comfortable ankle motion. 
  • Saddle: It is reinforced area around the shoe’s instep, the ankle, and the arch of the shoe. Look into its proper fit as it should offer a secure feeling without any slippage.  
  • Toe box: It features all the upper of the shoe -right from the front of the eyelets to the shoe’s end. Search for shoes with a wider toe box that will stay out of the way. This allows your forefoot to flex as well as spread naturally in both length and width.  


Analyze the Running Surface 

The sports shoe’s outsole is wherein the material will be interacting with the road. In most cases, it is made out of foam or rubber materials that are placed across strategic areas to improve wear life while improving flexibility and bounce. You should choose materials that offer ample durability and traction without adding stiffness or extra weight. Moreover, the footprint shape should match your feet while delivering the desired level of underfoot stability.  

Consider the Midsole Shape 

To ensure that the sports shoe you choose will effectively bend as your feet bend, most shoe manufacturers utilize flex grooves under the foot’s ball. Making the toes slightly upward (known as toe spring) or cutting away the shoe’s midsole into a specific pattern enable your foot to blend through the strides. 

You can opt for rocker-style midsoles that feature aggressive toe springs to ensure a quick forward roll throughout your activity cycle. You can search for a sports shoe range that rolls or flexes the manner your feet want to move.  

The midsole is available as a foam-based material between the upper and the outsole of the shoes. The midsole is designed to offer ample cushioning to the runner from significant impact forces while guiding the foot through the desired direction or movement.  

Look Into Forefoot and Heel Cushioning 

Heel cushioning is the material of the midsole that is designed towards minimizing the impact shock of a proper heel strike. In addition to using a wide range of cushioning materials.  Some sports shoes for men feature a softer version of ‘crash pad’ on the foot’s outer edge.  

It is observed that our body offers a significant portion of cushioning for the joints. Therefore, heel cushioning is significantly a matter of assumed comfort. You would like to attain a balance between stability, cushioning, and the overall ground feel.  

Forefoot cushioning should be designed towards minimizing the impact of immense forces of the running or walking stride at the foot’s front. While the mechanics of our body offers ample cushioning naturally. Still ample forefoot cushioning through top-quality sports shoes can protect the overall foot’s structure. It is imperative for you to look into the responsiveness of the shoes -searching for a proper balance between a proper push-off platform and cushioning comfort.  

Try Out a New Insole 

An insole or a sock liner in a sports shoe for men is the removable foam-based pad on the inside of the footwear. The insole is responsible for cushioning the contours of the foot’s bottom. In addition to shoe geometry, insole offers the much-needed arch support to individuals while offering the shoe the initial stage of step-in comfort.  

You should look into how the running shoes feel while running. If you are used to wearing an orthotic, you should ensure that it is also capable of fitting appropriately inside the shoes. 


While buying top-quality sports shoes for men, it is imperative for you to pay attention to some basic factors. Once you understand the technical aspects, you can search through the extensive gallery of premium-grade sports shoes for men available online at Campus Shoes -your one-stop destination for designer, comfortable, and all-occasion footwear for men & women.

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