How To Successfully Clear Your MOT?

Using a vehicle is a basic necessity for most people. We need it to move to several places. Going to work, going to school, college and even simple places like the mall and the restaurant require a mode of transportation. If one wants to travel far as well, they can do so with the help of their vehicle. Planning a road trip or simply going a few kilometers away for as simple as a meal and groceries all come under the pretext of this vehicle.

Therefore, the usage of a vehicle can be multiple. One does not have to simply limit themselves to taking their vehicle for important meetings and appointments. The various opportunities and freedom of usage that come with the possibility o owning a vehicle make it better. However, one must always remember that with the multiple uses of a vehicle comes the responsibility of its maintenance as well.

The maintenance of the vehicle is extremely important for its overall well being. One needs a vehicle to function well and perform adequately at all times. This can only happen if the vehicle itself is in proper condition. The condition of the vehicle will determine its performance. This is why the input and output of the vehicle need to balance out at all times.

If there is a need for maintenance for any key component of the vehicle, it will be necessary to fulfil that before one can expect proper performance and ample efficiency. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your vehicle gets its due diligence at the right time. One way of doing the same is by giving it a car service at the right time.


A car service is a service that should be conducted at least once a year. A mandatory car service is necessary for ample performance of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not get a car service for a long time, it will fail in performing the way one wants it to.

Seeing that the proper performance of your vehicle impacts not just the passenger of the vehicle but also everyone else on the road, is also important. It is important to take into consideration these things before skipping on the replacement and repairs of your vehicle. Therefore, one should get a proper car service for their vehicle. If not, the MOT Newbury test will fail your vehicle anyway. The MOT test is a compulsory test that your vehicle must clear to continue to drive on the road.

If your vehicle does not pass the MOT Test, it will not be able to drive on the road. Since it is compulsory to clear your MOT Test, people end up focusing a lot on the maintenance of their vehicle just before the test is about to happen. Even though it is not ideal to only worry about your vehicle’s maintenance once a year, it is still better than ignoring them altogether.

There are multiple checks and steps present in the test itself. Right from the Tyres, to the brakes and even the Wheel Alignment Newbury is put under consideration during this test.

Only if your vehicle clears all these steps will it be able to pass its MOT Test successfully. Keeping this in mind, one should be aware o these steps before heading for their MOT test:


The brakes are extremely important for the total well being of the car. If the brakes are not working properly or showing signs of damage by squeaking noises or hard brake pads, one must take swift action to rectify the same. Getting a car’s service that covers brake maintenance and brake inspection is necessary if one wishes to clear their MOT Test.


The Tyres are also under scrutiny as they come in contact with the surface of the road a lot. It is important to check the inflation pressure, and treadwear levels of your Tyres before leaving for the mot test. If there are deep punctures, damage to the sidewall or little to no inflation in any one of the Tyres, the vehicle is bound to fail its mot test.


The alignment of the wheel is necessary for the proper performance of the vehicle. After travelling excessively or for long kilometers, the wheel alignment of the vehicle can go off. This can result in disastrous effects by steering the vehicle off the lane. At high speeds, the vehicle can begin to vibrate due to improper alignment. For a performance that does not cause too much, wheel alignment is necessary.

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