How Video Reach Campaigns Simplify YouTube Video Advertising

How Video Reach Campaigns Simplify YouTube Video Advertising

You can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. YouTube video advertising requires selecting between different video ad formats per campaign. It can be difficult and sometimes costly to choose which form to use. Google has recently launched YouTube Video Reach campaigns that make it easier. check now

YouTube Video Reach campaigns make it easier for marketers to reach customers on their increasingly complex journeys. Businesses can combine multiple ad formats in one movement, allowing them to reach consumers more efficiently.

This post will discuss the many benefits of YouTube video advertising. Next, we will introduce you to YouTube’s Video Reach platform and explain its functionality. Finally, we will discuss the implications of online marketing using it. Let’s get started!

YouTube video advertising has many benefits

Video advertising has seen a lot of success over the years. YouTube boasts more than one billion active users worldwide and is second only to Facebook. It is also the third most popular website (after Google or Facebook).

YouTube video advertising offers many video ad options. Non-skippable ads streams, True View ads, and bumper ads are some of the most popular formats.

YouTube videos can include non-skippable ad streams. These streams can last anywhere from a few seconds up to three minutes. These allow you to have a display advertisement in the top right, which points directly to your website.

True View ads appear at the beginning of YouTube videos. They are cost-effective and flexible, allowing you to add a Call To Action as an overlay or card.

True View skippable ad on YouTube

Bumper ads are usually shorter (6 seconds), so they are less distracting and annoying for viewers. These ads are also great for targeting mobile users. These ads are cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) payment systems. This means that you pay according to how many times your ad appears.

YouTube advertising has something for everyone. There are many ad formats that you can choose from, depending on your campaign goals and audience preferences.

YouTube advertising also has the added benefit of using its search engine. It’s the second-largest search engine after Google. You can target specific viewers by optimizing your video content.

Introduction to YouTube’s Video Reach Campaign platform

YouTube has just launched its Video Reach campaign, which will elevate video advertising to the next level. Video Reach campaigns are designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for marketers to reach their brand awareness goals through YouTube.

These campaigns allow you to upload three types of ad assets (non-skippable, skippable, and six-second-long bumper ads) into one movement. Google then uses machine learning to determine the best combination of these assets to maximize and scale your audience reach.

Advertisers can use this platform to purchase ads on a CPM basis. This new campaign type allows you to use multiple ads and eliminates much of what can go wrong with managing YouTube video advertising.

Online marketers can reap the benefits of YouTube’s Video Reach in five ways

It’s wise to think about how the new reach campaign can help you improve your video marketing strategy. Let’s look at five benefits YouTube’s Video Reach could bring to online marketers.

  1. More efficiently connect with customers during their journey

YouTube video advertising can be used to target customers based on their journey. Your campaign goals will influence the YouTube video advertising format that you choose.

Skippable in-stream ads may be a good option if you want to drive traffic and generate leads. You might choose bumper ads if your goal is to increase brand awareness and expand your reach.

You would need to create separate campaigns based on goals and ad types in the past. The main attraction of the Video Reach campaigns is the ability to use machine learning technology to distribute the best combination of ad formats automatically.

Video Reach allows you to communicate with customers at various ‘touchpoints’ along their journey more effectively and efficiently. This simplifies how you reach customers with video ads and will enable you to contact them where they are most active (which will be discussed later).

  1. You can save time and focus on your business projects

YouTube’s old system for managing different ad campaigns and their placement was complicated and time-consuming. You were ultimately responsible for almost every aspect of YouTube’s video advertising campaigns.

It can be daunting to manage multiple video campaign campaigns. This could be why you have avoided YouTube video advertising in the future.

This video ad update is designed to alleviate these concerns by decreasing the time required to create campaign variants. Google’s machine-learning processes automate video ad placement.

You’ll spend less time creating and managing campaigns if you remove some guesswork associated with campaign management. This time savings allows you to be more flexible and free to concentrate your efforts on other marketing strategies.

  1. Reduce your video advertising and campaign costs

The new platform allows for a reduction in the time and effort required to advertise on YouTube videos. Your campaigns will be less likely to waste money if you choose and place your ads efficiently.

YouTube video advertising is a great way to reduce campaign costs. You only pay for the 30-second duration of your advertisement or when people interact with it. Video advertising pricing allows you to set the price and adjust it.

YouTube pricing website.

YouTube announced that early adopters of its Video Reach campaign have already seen cost savings. Ford was one of the brands that participated in the beta tests.

The automaker’s new campaign saw a drop in campaign costs of more than 20% compared to previous YouTube benchmarks. Ford Head of U.S. Media Lisa Schroder explained how the positive results provided “cost efficiencies while maintaining effectiveness” and gave Ford the confidence to use this tactic in other campaigns.

  1. Combine with True View Ads for action

Ads, as we briefly mentioned earlier, can be used to generate leads and converts by using prominently displayed CTAs or text overlays. These are critical YouTube video advertising types if you want to get consumers to take action. It is possible to ask viewers for their contact information or include links to your products.

Ads were previously only available as skippable ads in-stream. YouTube has now added the True View for Action ad format to its YouTube Home screens. They will now display alongside video recommendations.

True View is an auction ad for the YouTube Home feed.

This added functionality allows you to target customers when they are most active, driving high-value sales. YouTube explained that True View action ads and Video Reach campaigns could be combined to help you “build an entire-funnel strategy.”

The True View ads will appear on YouTube’s Home feeds. You can create actionable campaigns with this prominent placement, along with the ability to add clickable CTAs and headline text overlays.

  1. YouTube Masthead reaches TV viewers

YouTube Masthead allows you to advertise on YouTube via video. It was only previously available for desktop and mobile. A 2018 report found that YouTube had seen a 70% increase in living room viewing year over year.

YouTube is being watched by more people via smart TVs, with a daily average of 250 million hours. YouTube recently announced that it would also be extending the YouTube Masthead format onto TV screens.

This ad format can increase awareness of a product or service or reach a larger audience in a short time. The prominent ad will start playing immediately after viewers open the YouTube app on the TV.

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YouTube Masthead ads can be bought as either a cross-screen or single-screen purchase. They can also be customized for specific audiences. The cost per day (CPD) or CPM basis can be used. They are not available for reserved media placement.

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