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Importance of Current Affairs in UPSC Aspirants

In the UPSC exam, current affairs play a crucial role in preparing as questions from the different sections are there in Prelims, Mains, and Interview. In the previous question papers, the weightage for the current affairs question is growing each year. Thus, the aspirants should give more importance to current affairs during the preparation of UPSC. Today, we will see the Importance of Current Affairs in UPSC. 

Current Affairs is a part of the syllabus of Prelims in “Current events of national and international importance”. But it is not written that it is a part of the mains exam syllabus, but some questions are based on the latest events asked in the exam.

To get a clear idea, it is best to check out the last years’ question papers of the prelims and mains. See the weightage of current affairs and what is the general trend in the exam.

What is the Importance of Current Affairs for UPSC?

In prelims exams, it is seen from the last years’ question papers that almost 20 to 30 questions are asked from current affairs and therefore an important factor in the prelims exam.

Aside from the prelims exam while writing the answers in the mains exam, it is important to have an integrated method of working along with various issues, and thus current affairs become important. Current affairs are also helpful in building a thought process and quick thinking on various subjects such as socioeconomic awareness, political issues, elections, national interest in international relations.

Current affairs will help answer the questions related to these topics and score good marks while including them in the answers. Questions asked from the sections of geography, culture, polity, history questions are interconnected with current events.

1. Important for Interview

In the UPSC interview, the questions are asked about their level of interest and their approach to solving the problem. Board members will ask questions related to current affairs and general knowledge. Along with having theoretical knowledge of the topics such as general studies and optional subjects, aspirants should also know what is happening in the country and other countries. Knowing current affairs helps develop character and be aware of the surroundings. 

2. Keep Up with the Public Policies

While reading all the information related to current affairs for IAS, it is required to keep with the public policies. It is important to know about the government for becoming a public servant. It can be done by watching the news and updating the latest changes and developments. If you wish to enter the bureaucratic world, it is essential to be well aware of the events occurring in the country and the world. The government’s current policies, the major implications, knowledge of economy, are some basic things which you need to clear the exam.  

3. Making a Good Decision

As an IAS officer, you will have to provide a solution to all the problems and make a good decision that should be taken into consideration of the country. Being aware of the current affairs, an IAS officer would be able to make a good decision.

Making an important decision in regards to the country should be in the hands of a good IAS officer. IAS officers should be fair while making decisions and know their responsibilities. It also helps in taking right decision. 

How to Read the Newspaper?

While reading the newspaper, read the topics required to be studied for the exam. Split the newspaper sections into the environment, geography, science, ecology, economics, and technology. The technology and science section of the newspaper is important. It provides the current developments made in the field of technology. 

The newspaper’s editorial section is super important. It contains the current information about elections, politics, geographical issues, government policies, conflicts, weather reports and you can use it to make notes of current happenings for the UPSC exam. Develop the habit of reading the newspaper daily during the preparation. It will help build quick thinking and in gaining knowledge.

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Which are the Best Newspapers for the UPSC Exam?

  • The Hindu
  • Business Standard
  • The Indian Express
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Navbharat times

Final Word

You know the Importance of Current Affairs in UPSC. Aspirants should not to avoid current affairs. There is no other way of being updated with current affairs in the UPSC IAS exam preparation. If aspirants want to become an IAS officer, they should read the newspaper daily. 

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