Indispensable Online Tools For A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant plays a very critical role in handling business operations. There are small tasks that a business owner must finish within a day. These tasks might seem less important but can collectively influence the business activities.

Therefore, if you are a business owner juggling too many tasks, a virtual assistant can be your real saviour. That person will take care of the tasks which have to be completed on the same day. In short, they will be assisting you through the virtual platform.

Although these tasks may be trivial, they can consume a lot of time if you don’t use the right tools. At this point, hiring a virtual assistant is vital. It will help you get the job done with the functioning of the exact tools.

It may like be an extra cost for your business. You must shell out money for these tasks that are basic and essential. Don’t despair if you are a little short of finances.

Apply for loans in Ireland with no credit check and get money in no time. However, as a responsible business owner, keep track of the progress by maintaining constant touch with the virtual assistant.

Find out about the different online functionalities you would need and your virtual assistant would use to accomplish all the tasks. Take a tour of this guest post which includes complete information on different tools necessary for the virtual assistant.

Essential tools that simplify tasks for the virtual assistant

Communication between you and the virtual assistant should be free-flowing. Besides, you both may need to maintain files which are a vital segment of your business. Time tracking is crucial as all the tasks should get completed within time.

Therefore, a virtual assistant will need the help of different tools like:


It is a tool that is used for organizational purposes. It truly streamlines various processes. Managing different projects across different categories is easy if the virtual assistant is skilled enough to use this tool.

You can segregate any task into boards, cards and steps. This tool is an important investment if you work with a team of people. With it, you can easily assign specific tasks to your team.

It helps in simplifying the process. It eradicates unnecessary confusion between team members at work. Also, you can talk to anyone from your team in Trello. It saves the time you would have spent on writing and sending an email.

You can take note of the status of the tasks. It means you can review how far the given assignments get completed. So, make sure you are on the same page with other teammates. Above all, you can do this without directly communicating with anyone.

Google drive

Sending big files too frequently via mail can be overwhelming. Google drive just sorts out this problem. Sharing files is easy using this tool.

You don’t have to send out a mail now and then. You can send it across the drive. The ‘autosave’ option is a blessing as it automatically saves your files. Also, it prevents the sudden deletion of important documents.

You can share your spreadsheets with your virtual assistant with the help of this tool.


It is so far the best platform for videoconferencing. You can record the zoom call to keep it for future reference. There are important details about specific tasks. You must discuss them with your virtual assistant.

However, you cannot do this via email as it will take too long. A video call can help you give a precise presentation of the matter more effectively. Verbal communication that lets you see each other’s faces is possible by using Zoom.

You can avail its free services. In this, you can arrange a zoom call meeting for 40 minutes with 100 people. You can access this tool on mobile and laptop also. Get into a deep session with your virtual assistant using this application.

It enables you to show your presentation using the screen sharing feature. You can even use it to explain certain aspects in a stepwise manner. You can widely use it to stay connected with your team.

Google calendar

As the name suggests, you can create a schedule for a particular work using this tool. You can send your schedule to others. You can even stick schedules sent by others to your calendar.

It ensures you complete the task within the deadline. It also lets you review the recent advancement in work. Hiding any schedule from the view is easy with Google calendar.

You can mark a date as the important schedule for repayment of online loans in Ireland. So, missing out on vital events is not possible if you depend on this tool.


It is a valuable functionality if you like to work following a to-do list. This tool will act as your project manner. Maintaining and managing a to-do list is easy with this application.

Formulate long term and short term goals with the help of this tool. You can also monitor your daily habits with this simple functionality. The most significant thing about it is that you can operate it using your phone as well as a laptop. Besides, it has got a chrome extension version to assist you in every way.

You can also use it for personal targets or goals. Maintaining a system in work is effortless with this tool. You can utilise this tool along with other applications.

It helps in maintaining order in your business process. Furthermore, you can have the best feeling by ticking off the to-do list in this tool.


Finding it difficult to maintain different passwords for different accounts and platforms? It is a common problem, and the solution is LastPass. This application is used for the password management system.

It ensures the double security of your online existence. It allows you the space where you can keep all the passwords without any fear. You don’t have to look around multiple sources where you might have kept the passwords.

Besides storing, it enables you to share crucial passwords with the virtual assistant. It is because that person should be provided access to different social accounts. You can make the most out of the free plan.

It gifts space to store unlimited passwords and one-to-one sharing. You can also avail of the paid services based on your needs and budget. It provides a safe platform for you to share sensitive information like a password with your virtual assistant.


Canvas is a beautiful application with immense scope for designing graphics content. Create posters, presentations, posts, business cards, etc., by using it. So, use its various features. It will help you to promote your business both online and offline platforms.

Its user-friendly features let a beginner create their first visual design unhesitatingly. As a user, you can take the help of this tool to edit images and videos and even create gifs.

The free version of this functionality has so much to offer. It will also tempt you to opt for the paid version also.

The bottom line

Nowadays, everyone is rushing for time. None has the time to acquire any skill. Different types of online tools came into existence to help you complete a task efficiently and in much less time.

Get an idea about different tools you would need even after hiring a virtual assistant by going through this guest post.

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