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Is it safe to update today to Windows 11?

Is it safe to update today to Windows 11. The launch of Windows 11 on October 4, 2021, raised great expectations around the world. The new version of Microsoft’s operating system came loaded with promise. Today there are millions of users who have installed it on their computers. What is the verdict on Windows 11? Opinions are many and varied.

At first, the new version was greeted with an avalanche of praise. Everything seemed better: a more visual design, new and improved functions … We did a comparison here a few weeks ago: Windows 10 vs Windows 11: main differences. With it, we wanted to clarify what were these new advantages that the new version brought.

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Yes, it is true, there were still some bugs, so many experts advised to wait to update and continue for the moment with Windows 10. In theory, it would be a matter of weeks, maybe months, to clean up those bugs. Now that we are at the gates of 2022, it may be a good time to take stock of the situation.


If in the aesthetic section there seems to be unanimity (everyone likes it), regarding the performance of Windows 11, there are contrasting opinions.

On paper, Windows 11 has some potential to improve the speed of our computers over the previous version. Everything is based on memory management, which works in favor of open application windows and running in the foreground, thus ensuring that they get more processor power over other system resources.

Another performance improvement in Windows 11 refers to the way in which the computer restarts from sleep mode . In the new version, the RAM can remain active, which will help reboot up to 25 percent faster.

On the other hand, almost all the performance improvements are more evident if we use Edge , Microsoft’s official browser.

No major game or program compatibility issues have been reported. The rule is simple: if it works on Windows 10, it will work on Windows 11 too. What’s more, there are some new features about Windows 11 games that make the upgrade worthwhile.

System requirements and compatibility

The biggest problem that users will face with Windows 11 is the strange system requirements. Microsoft backtracked on the need for computers to have TPM 2.0, but that might not be permanent. However, for those who have new computers, everything should be fine.

One of the minimum requirements that our computer must have in order for Windows 11 to work is to have a graphics card compatible with DirectX 12 or later and to have a WDDM 2.0 driver. Before deciding to upgrade, you may have no choice but to purchase a new card.

The biggest hurdle is the CPU compatibility requirement, which rules out most PCs that were designed before 2019. If our computer has a 7th generation or earlier Intel CPU, it is not going to be compatible, which means that the update will be incomplete. That is why there are many users who advise against making the jump to Windows 11 until this issue is resolved.

That does not mean that it is impossible to install Windows 11 on an old computer, but it will take a little more laborious: downloading the installation files, doing a clean installation, and finally restoring your programs and data. For some, too uncomfortable.

Old features and new features

There are many users around the world who love the way Windows 10 works. It is not that they are used to it and are lazy or resentful of changes. The truth is that many feel very comfortable with this version and are suspicious of what the update may bring them.

And they have some reason, because along with the new and interesting functions that Windows 11 incorporates, there are many others that change or disappear. For example: in Windows 10 you can dock the taskbar at the top of the screen or anywhere. On the other hand, in the new version, it is limited to the bottom of the screen. The update also removes the ability to drag a file or an application icon to the taskbar and pin it as a shortcut. Or to organize the Start menu shortcuts into folders. These are changes that will have to be adapted to.

There is a long list of functions removed in Windows 11: the Cortana assistant, the Tablet mode, the Timeline function, or the Skype and Paint 3D programs, to name a few examples. If something on that list is a must-have for you, maybe it’s more sensible to put off updating.

Of course, this factor also works in reverse. The new features in Windows 11 may be what you’ve needed or what you’ve always been waiting for. In that case, the decision is easy: you have to jump to the new version.


Despite the disparity of opinions on some very specific aspects, in general, it can be said that updating to Windows 11 at the moment is a good idea. At least we can be calm because we are not going to have any problems.

Overall, the system works reasonably well. The errors and bugs of the first weeks have been fixed or are in the process of being solved. In any case, it’s better than Windows 10, which for many is the most disappointing version in Microsoft’s history after Windows Vista.

Additionally, the update, scheduled for May 2022, is expected to further refine the announced enhancements. We are still in the early stages, so everything that happens so far is normal. If it is true that there are some drawbacks, it is also true that these are largely outweighed by the new advantages that Windows 11 has brought.

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