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Is It Worth Getting an Automatic Gate?

When it comes to purchasing a driveway gate, there is always the issue of whether you want it to operate automatically or manually. Of course, we all know that having an automated driveway gate will be more expensive, but is it worth paying that bit extra for? Will you be just fine without it? This is what StarGate UK explore in this article.


Another advantage of automatic gates is that they are considerably more secure than manual ones. Several automatic gates may be controlled even when you’re inside your home, allowing you to grant access only to those you want on your property and preventing people from approaching your door if you don’t want them to.

Security for the entry door is further added to with a steel frame and strengthened security locks. It also has an additional lock that doesn’t require a key and you can use it whenever needed, as well as two additional deadbolts. Furthermore, the locking mechanism is considerably more durable and difficult to break through.

Power Outages

Another disadvantage of automatic gates is that they may prevent your dog from visiting certain areas if the power goes out in your neighbourhood. Of course, automatic gates are operated by electricity, so if there is no electricity, you’ll have a problem. Fortunately, many new contemporary systems include a backup source of energy, whether it’s through solar power or a battery. Just be sure to consider this when buying an automatic gate.

Easy To Access

It’s not convenient to get out of your vehicle and open up your gates before returning them after you’re in on those chilly winter days. It’s particularly inconvenient if your gate is too close to the road, forcing you to remain on the road until it opens, which might add to your frustration.

The most common reason for automatic gates is that they are more convenient. They may avoid all of this bother by simply opening the gate with a click of a button.

Weather Conditions

Many modern automatic driveway gate manufacturers offer much higher levels of durability and long-life operation than previous models did, making them suitable for places with harsh weather conditions.


It follows that if a mechanism is more intricate, it will need more attention. When you compare an automatic gate to a manual one, it’s obvious that there’ll be considerably more upkeep and repairs required in the long term, which will cost even more money.

Of course, automatic gates that are well-maintained and properly taken care of will last much longer than those that aren’t. The more you maintain your automatic gate and the more durable it was made to be, the better off you’ll be.

No matter what kind of driveway gate you choose for your property, take into consideration each option’s benefits and disadvantages carefully to ensure it is worth getting an automated one. If so, approach a professional to discuss your options further and take all factors such as the local climate, the frequency of use by members of your family and other things into account before buying one.

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