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Larimar Buying Guide- Why, How, and From Where

Buying gemstone jewelry is bliss, especially when the gemstone is the Larimar. It is a wonderful stone with lovely blue shades and has captured the hearts of gem lovers. Larimar jewelry has an artistic appeal as the stone holds the vibration from the Caribbean sea and the blue sky. Furthermore, it is loved for the calmness and the encouragement it provides to every individual. The water stone never dissatisfies the quest, and it is the perfect option for the bohemians. Also known as the dolphin stone, it makes the wearer kind and calm, bringing a positive attitude.

You can see the intricacy, swills, and patterns in every piece, and no two-piece could be similar, as the stone is mined at only one place in the world, the Dominican Republic. The Larimar ring can create a substantial and robust bond with the inner soul when it is worn on the third finger in the right hand. Gem lovers can ensure clarity and vision into the situation they are stuck in, as this rare stone balances the personality with its rarity.

Can Larimar jewelry be Santa?

A Larimar pendant could be the best idea to gift to those who are very close this Christmas and be a Santa in their lives. The stone would be the gift of magic and happiness, removing negativity and inviting only good fortune. The bad days would go away, bringing joy with the kindness in the soul of the wearer. It would bring relaxing energies and allow the person to take the time to enjoy life. The wearer can embrace the healing energies which the stone renders, as this transformative crystal is reminiscent of the blue sea of its tropical homeland.

Brighten your new year with Larimar

The white streak on the darker blue surface with the translucent segments is highly valued and in demand. Retailers should stock up their stock with the Larimar earrings as these would be in the highest demand at the time around the New Year. These earrings would be such kinds of pieces of jewelry that could match any kind of party dress. The blue colors contrast with almost every color, especially with white, pink, and black. Copper plays the biggest role in the creation of the blue color in the Larimar jewelry. The more copper, the more intense the blue color stone will have and vice versa.

How Larimar crystal become jewelry pieces

These Larimar stones are the result of volcanic activity which has occurred for millions of years. The Larimar stone was then tumbled into the river when the earthquake had shaken the mountains, and then these stones were found in the Caribbean Sea by the priest. These Larimar crystals are the most sought-after crystals in the world. When this stone comes into the jewelry form, they are available in the form of Larimar bracelets, rings, necklaces, and many more.

Combination of fire and water- the unique feature

The color of Larimar stone matches the Turquoise jewelry’s color, as they both are reminiscent of the sea and the blue sky. The Larimar stones hold fire and water in the best way, balancing these both to neutralize the powerful elements of fire and water. However, the stone of water and fire seems odd while reading, but it was forged by the volcanic lava and then fell into the river.

Relevance with the Atlantis

It is also known as the stone of Atlantis, as Atlantis was once part of the Dominican Republic. Therefore, it would be best to meditate while wearing the Larimar necklace or pendant, which would be near to the wearer’s heart, and the person can be prone to receive the vision from the Atlantis. It is also believed that the stone helps in effective communication with the marine animal telepathically. Moreover, it will bring the friendly nature and vibe from the dolphin of the Atlantis. In addition, Larimar jewelry enables people to think creatively. Artisans like singers and dancers could benefit from their art by wearing the Larimar cuff bracelets.

Ordering the wholesale Larimar jewelry

Larimar is an excellent crystal, but it is essential to keep it safe from damage, scratching, or cracking. Moreover, to buy the authentic and natural wholesale Larimar jewelry collection, you can scroll the Rananjay Exports website. This website has a wide range of gemstone jewelry made into 925 sterling silver. They are the best and the most trustworthy manufacturers of gemstone jewelry. The designs made are unique and will attract people attracted towards it by its beauty. Moreover, the process is straightforward:

  • Check out the website.
  • Register yourself with all your information.
  • Select the items you want to order.
  • Buy them.
  • You can even call or mail to the email id mentioned on the website for any specific query.

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