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List of 7 best Places to try the best Pad Thai food in Lahore

Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish with eggs, vegetables, and tofu that is one of the best Thai dishes. Some ingredients, such as red chilli peppers, lime wedges, and peanuts, are served as side dishes. Pad Thai Chicken is a popular street snack in Bangkok that is also popular in rural Thailand. General Chicken and other Westernized versions of classic Chinese cuisines have been compared to this dish. Regardless, it is unique in that regard, and it is Thai in origin.

The best Pad Thai is served at Bamboo Union, but here are the other 7 locations that have pad Thai on their menu.


Sumo is one of Lahore’s oldest Japanese Thai restaurants, that was established in 1990 and been rebuilt to provide the city with real Japanese cuisine. Customer service is great, and if you are regular, you will nearly always be greeted with complementary beverages or pastries. Nigiri, maki rolls, and sushi, as well as grilled and baked desserts and live teppanyaki selections such chicken, beef, salmon, black cod, lobster, prawn, and red snapper, are all offered. The Spicy Salmon Roll, which is their signature dish, is a must-try on their menu.

Mei Kong

For a long time, Mei Kong Restaurant Chinese & Thai has been selling flavours, textures, and scents. Mei Kong creates vibrant, ready-to-eat food that incorporate textures and fragrances inspired by the world’s residents and elites. Mei Kong provides Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Desi cuisines, as well as sweets and cold drinks. Old fragrant scents, colourful dishes, rich texture, and distinct flavour are all influences on Chinese cuisine.

PF Chang

The a la carte menu at P.F. Chang’s features unique Asian culinary creations made with the freshest quality ingredients and homemade sauces and gravies. Founded in 1993, the first multi-unit restaurant in the United States now has over 200 locations in the United States and over 60 sites in 19 countries around the world. That is without a doubt one of the most fantastic places to satiate your Asian cuisine cravings.


Novu, a restaurant that serves genuine Pan Asian food, with a peaceful, contemporary atmosphere that’s perfect for business lunches and family gatherings. The extensive menu, which includes soups and salads as well as seafood and beef/chicken dishes, has been meticulously created to meet everyone’s demands. Novu promises delicious meals at a decent cost, as well as a great dining event.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union in Lahore’s first premier Pan-Asian eatery, serving up world-class Asian cuisine. Their goal is to bring the best Thai cuisine to one spot while serving Pad Thai Chicken, Thai Green Cury, Mongolian Beef, etc. They go above and above to deliver the most accurate experience possible to their loyal customers. Bamboo Union is an excellent place to sample Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Chicken, and Beef cuisines all in one location. Bamboo Union serves the best Pad Thai, Beef Bibimbap, Basil Chicken, Szechuan Gravy Fish Prawns, Bamboo Maki Rolls, and Beef / Tuna Tataki.


Chinese & Thai Restaurant first opened the doors in 2010 and has since evolved to become Lahore’s best known restaurant chain, serving outstanding Chinese and Thai cuisine. YUM Restaurants that is ideally located in the renowned Gulberg & DHA food district, offers a dynamic, intriguing, and entertaining atmosphere.

Fushcia Kitchen

If you’re searching for a restaurant that serves a wide variety of Pan Asian food, however, Fuchsia Kitchen should be your first choice. Fuchsia is a contemporary Asian eatery that specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine with influences from Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Korea. Fuchsia Kitchen takes pride in serving authentic Asian cuisine to our customers.

Bamboo Union is a Lahore-based Pan Asian restaurant that serves the yummiest Pad Thai Chicken. This restaurant has a wonderful ambiance as well as excellent taste and quality. At a reasonable price and with superb flavour, Bamboo Union serves authentic and the best Pad Thai.

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