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Low Range Air Coolers to Make Summers Cool

In India, temperatures in summers can get as high as 48°C. The soaring temperatures, coupled with the awful humidity makes it really difficult to survive.

But thanks to technology, we have devices like air conditioners and air coolers that not only help us survive, but make our days and nights much better.

But if there’s one problem with using air conditioners, it is the fact they often prove to be a costly affair.

Running an air conditioner for a month straight can incur at least a few thousand rupees in electricity bills, if not more.

So, a lot of times, people find an alternative in air coolers. Not only are they affordable, but they also are efficient enough to make you feel comfortable on an otherwise sultry day.

And on top of this, they don’t even consume a lot of energy. Keeping this demand for the best air coolers in mind, here are a few recommendations for affordable air coolers.


  • Voltas Slimm 35 (35 litre Tower Cooler with Turbo Air Throw)

This air cooler from Voltas comes in a sleek design that makes it a perfect addition to your modern home.

It is ideal to cool smaller rooms quickly because of its powerful throw, and a great delivery rate to go along with it.

The 35 litres tank capacity is enough to last you an entire night, so that you don’t have to wake up time and again in.

Furthermore, the cooler also runs on your home inverter, so you no longer have to suffer through the heat during power cuts.

Its honeycomb cooling pads are not only efficient in cooling the room, but also keep any unwanted dust particles away.


  • Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 55 litres

This Havells cooler is undoubtedly one of the best air coolers on the market. Its high-end fan design manages to produce almost no noise, even when running at full speed.

Its massive 55-litre water tank easily lasts 12 hours, so you can enjoy a good night of sleep without any interruptions.

With features like Thermal Overload Protection, the product is guaranteed to last you more than just one summer.

Furthermore, this Havells cooler price is minimal and it consumes much less power than other conventional coolers.


  • Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 litre Personal Room Air Cooler

Inarguably one of the best air coolers under 10,000 INR, this Bajaj Platini cooler comes with a 36-litre water tank that can last you an entire night.

The cooler with its 70 feet air throw range is the best-in-class product, and can cool down a heated room within a matter of minutes.

The 3-side honeycomb cooling pads further help enhance its performance. Another great feature of this cooler is its energy efficiency.

It consumes very nominal power — only 100 watts, to be precise. This means that you can enjoy cool summer nights without having to worry about the electricity bill.

  • Symphony Touch 35 Personal Air Cooler – 35 litres

The Symphony Touch 35 air cooler is definitely one of the most advanced air coolers on the market.

Its remote control system gives the users the convenience of operating the cooler from a distance.

Furthermore, it also has a digital touchscreen and a voice assist feature to enhance your experience.

For tropical countries like India where mosquitoes are prevalent, the Symphony air cooler’s mosquito repellant i-Pure technology is a lifesaver.

Its 35-litre water tank, along with its great air delivery rate makes the long summer days really comfortable.


  • Usha Dynamo 50DD1 50 Litre Desert Cooler

The massive 50-litre water tank, and the splendid 3600-metre cube per hour air delivery rate makes this cooler perfect for medium-sized rooms.

On top of this, its 4-way deflection technology makes sure that every corner of the room is cooled uniformly.

It has honeycomb cooling pads, which work much more efficiently and for a longer period of time. Being inverter compatible, the air cooler also keeps you comfortable during power cuts.


  • Crompton Ozone 75 Litres Desert Air Cooler 

This model by Crompton is a great choice for people with a sub-10,000 budget. Its honeycomb cooling pads are efficient to cool rooms up to 200 square feet area.

The 75-litre tank ensures that the cooler lasts an entire night, so you can have your good night’s sleep. Additionally, the rust-proof body increases the durability of the cooler.

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