Monitor the Movement Smartly with Watch Me

Searching for your lost child in an overcrowded fair is the most dreadful dream for any parent. Looking for the child at a far-off place with no clue of their whereabouts is one of the situations no one wishes to experience. Who can save your child in the crowd? Who can ensure that they are within your limits 24×7? Well, actually there is no answer for such scary and spine-chilling questions. There is no one who can guarantee this, but Watch Me is one such scientific innovation that can help you reach the child wherever he is. Monitor the Movement Smartly with Watch Me.

Latest technology for kids’ safety

Watch Me has sophisticated and advanced tracking technology that is backed by GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and WIFI connectivity. These devices are made with extensive research by IIT alumni. They are specifically designed to be carried under disguise yet offer the best service at all times. Now you let your child be carefree and play and grow in an open environment without any bondage of being limited to home for security reasons.

How does Watch Me for kids’ safety work?

It works on the simple formula of calculating the distance of the device from its server or modem. Signals carrying this calculated location are transferred to the modem or server through geostationary satellites. These satellites work are transponders to carry this data from the device to the modem. Once received by the servers they intercept and decode the information and locational information is sent to the mobile phones of the registered members of the family.

There are many features that make Watch Me stand out. A few of such unique specifications are:


This is one unbeatable feature that makes the locator device impeccable. Make a safety fence around your child on the tracker. Mark the safe and unsafe zones for your child and stop worrying about it. The moment your child leaves the safe area or enters the unsafe zone, the GPS device will send notifications to alert you.

Fall detection smartwatch:

Watch Me is a fall detection smartwatch that automatically detects if the wearer has fallen from an upright position and is not able to get up (Requires Watch Me to be worn on the waist)

Speed alerts:

Set the speed limit for the tracker and sit and relax. Whether your driver is behind the wheel or your young teenager, the tracker will send instant alerts to you is your vehicle’s speed increases beyond the set limit.

Voice Monitoring:

Send one SMS to the GPS device of your child and activate the voice monitoring feature. Hear the surrounding voices now on your mobile. Assess yourself if your child is in a safe environment or not and be stress-free.

Zone & Route Monitoring:

Sending your child to school and still tracking his safety and security can be such a brilliant feature. That is exactly what can be done through it. This is beneficial not only for the parents but for school management too. The best way to ensure safety in school too.

Combination of technologies:

The perfect service that you get from Watch Me is an intelligent amalgamation of GPS, GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, and many more. This smart watch sim card support is designed to provide error-free and accurate coordinates of your child to you in the need of an emergency.

Panic alarm button / SOS smart watch:

The child can be made aware of the usage of this feature. Whenever the child is trapped in an unpleasant situation and could not find a solution or way out, he can press the button of the SOS smart watch to notify the parents that he needs help.

Watch Me is the best watch phone for seniors and watch phone for teenagers that are immense and its usage is absolutely user-friendly. The spectacular outcome of the locator device for kids’ safety defines its worth of it. Tracking your child and making yourself aware of his surrounding solves the ultimate purpose of child safety.

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