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Most Important 7P’s of Pinterest for 2022

Product on Pinterest

On Pinterest, list every product and service your company provides that might be of interest to your target audience. Consider which products and services are the most visually appealing, as these are the images that will garner the most attention on Pinterest. Then, think about saving the less appealing products and services for your other marketing strategies. This list will come in handy once you begin creating Pinterest content.

Promotion on Pinterest

This section of your strategy describes how you intend to market your products and services. In this case, you’re promoting them on Pinterest, but make a note of whether you’ll include Pinterest advertising and, if so, what kinds of Pinterest ads you’ll use.


Your product and service prices may already be on your website, but make sure they are up to date and easily accessible. To increase web traffic and move prospects through your conversion funnel, direct your audience to your pricing landing page for more information.


The term “place” refers to your company’s physical address. To set up your business page, you’ll need a physical address. Set up a P.O. Box if your business is run remotely for security reasons. If you want to target specific locations, make a list of them to include in local SEO Pinterest tactics, and then incorporate these locations into your Pin descriptions.


People refers to the people in your organization in the traditional sense of the 7 P’s. Include not only those who will manage your Pinterest marketing strategy, but also those in your target audience.

Create up to five buyer personas that represent your ideal customers to help you define your target audience. Consider the following characteristics when creating buyer personas:

  • Age range
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Gender


The steps that prospects must take to complete the sales journey are referred to as the process, and these steps also apply to Pinterest. Think about how you’ll go about it. If you work in an industry that requires some convincing and education to close a sale, you might want to consider sending prospects to a blog post or landing page where they can learn more about what you have to offer. Creating a new Pin that links to a landing page or a blog post is a great way to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Physical evidence

Pinterest is a component of your strategy that includes the content creation process. Each post should be written in the tone of your company. You may want to include branded colors and hashtags in some Pins. Create content that is tailored to your buyer personas as well. Investigate what your competitors are doing to get ideas for your Pins, and always include engaging images with product descriptions. Your Pinterest content strategy should be organized by board. Determine the nature of your boards and the types of Pins they will contain.

This is what we can do through 7 important p’s of pinterest. This all comes under digital marketing. If you’re serious to promote your business online then you must go for Digital Marketing. You can Learn Digital Marketing through a good Digital Marketing Institute where you can learn all aspect through industry experts.

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