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Negative Customer Experience Scenarios Encounter In A Call Center

Customer support centers serve the customers with their requirements, issues, and priorities. According to Forbes, 96% of customers prefer to choose a brand based on their stellar customer experience. This is the reason why companies are now shifting their focus from building productivity to providing quality services. A quality assurance audit software is primarily used to perform the job with perfection. 

While you are dealing with customers online or offline, there are two basic categories – happy customers and unsatisfied customers. There is hardly any problem handling the customers with happy faces. The actual problem arises with the negative customer experience scenarios.

Gartner’s survey says the call center service providers are under tremendous pressure to improve their operational excellence and grow the business. Their functions are strategized around customer experiences (CX), talent management, and data. It is high time to think about this if you have yet to discover the importance of CX in a call center. 

5 Different negative customer experience scenarios in a call center

1. Impatient customers:

Impatient customers represent people waiting for a long time to get their queries or issues solved. It is natural to go restless when your issues or concerns remain untouched for a very long time.

The best way to handle these customers is by sharing the actual reasons for being late. You need to be specific about the delay and assure the person to solve the concern in no time.

2. Indecisive customer:

Another category of customer is your indecisive customers. These are the people who struggle to choose among different options on any product or service. Though these customers face trouble in making their choice, they hardly communicate this to any of the agents.

The best way to handle these customers is by asking frequent questions. The questions are related to brand products, brand services, pricing, and other brand-relevant things. This helps the end customers to make better decisions related to purchasing.

3. Angry customer:

It is worthless to leverage quality assurance audit software to measure the agent’s performance if you don’t know how to handle your angry customer. These customers are definitely the people who are not satisfied with the end result.

The best way to handle these customers is by interacting with them and apologizing for the issue. You need to address the entire situation and try to come to a conclusion in a very short time. It is better to go offline and have a conversation with the person concerned for a better approach.

4. Demanding customer:

A demanding customer will always keep the agents engaged by asking for more and more demands. Customers are less likely to accept alternatives based on their requirements.

The best way to handle these customers is by interacting with them and gaining better insights into their demands. It is obvious that their demands are countless. Instead of getting irritated or sharing negative views, be transparent, hear their concerns, and swiftly work on them. You need to ensure that no customer demand remains untouched when you are concerned about their experiences.

5. Vague customer:

Vague customers are usually window shoppers. They hardly have any purchasing idea regarding what they need. They go online to browse the various products and services available over the web. Even if you are asking questions to help them out, they feel confused about answering them. Hence, asking questions is not at all a good idea in this scenario.

The best way to handle these customers is by asking specific questions about their individual needs. This is basically used to provide information for educating the customers so that they find it easier to make their necessary products or services. Each question you ask needs to have some purpose or other. This neither keeps the customers on wait nor affects your agent productivity.

Final Thoughts

Compared to impatient and defensive customers, happy and satisfied customers are always easy to handle. Hence, advanced training is needed to support these customers. The call center experts should know how to converse with customers who are frustrated with the service. Even if you are using quality assurance audit software to smoothen your process, you need a productive team for overcoming operational challenges. Make sure you have high-end onboarding software solutions to train your agents about the customer service process.

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