Neon signs and the present day

How neon signs came to be

In less than 20 years after its elemental form was discoverer in 1898, neon signs was not only being use as a scientific tool, but also as a product. At the Paris Motor Show in December 1910, two 12-meter-long tubes fill with neon gas were shown for the first time by Georges Claude.

Since then, neon has caught the attention of the whole world, and people are using it more and more. they are also a way to express yourself and add a creative touch.

Neon as a puzzle

Neon is interesting because it is both everything and nothing at the same time. Its importance and meaning are always changing and hard to pin down. The neon sign is a design element that is use in many different areas, such as typography, wayfinding, industrial design, landscape design, and urban design.

Neon can be use as a real sign, but it can also be use as a symbol. It stands for a lot of things that don’t seem to go together. What used to be a part of natural gas is now thought of as being weak.

Neon has become a symbol for both being alone and being with other people, for mainstream society and underground subculture, and for grandeur and decadence in art and movies. These changes in meaning are a metaphor for how neon’s social status has changed.

Today’s Neon

Traditional neon signs aren’t very useful anymore because they are bad for the environment and people’s health. At first, manufacturers made the glass with lead so that a gas flame could soften it more quickly.

However, health concerns about lead caused them to look for more environmentally safe ways to make soft glass.

Incandescent and LED signs have become more popular over time because they are safer, work better, and cost less than neon signs. LED is now the main source of light for lit signs because it is so efficient. LED is also use to make signs that look like neon and design pieces.

Even though neon signs aren’t use as much as they used to be, some sign makers still use them to bring back memories of the 1940s and 1950s. In the past few years, small neon signs have become more popular in both commercial and residential interior design. They add a splash of color and light.

Graphic design also uses colors and shapes that look like neon. You can buy complete digital kits that show how to use these design ideas in graphics and digital art. Even though the golden age is over, the bright glow of neon will still be use in signs.

Neon signs are still used today.

Neon signs are use more and more in interior design. They make us feel nostalgic and take us back in time. At the same time, the lights’ brightness and 2022’s energy are a perfect match. After being inside for more than a year, people have started adding bright colors to their homes.

Don’t you think that neon lights are the best choice? It is a simple way to change the look of your room and make it seem like you are in a dark restaurant.

The bar’s neon sign.

Neon signs are most often see in bars, which makes sense. This is due to two things: first, the late hours of this type of business, and second, the design of bars, which can be easily updated with a neon sign.

Also, neon signs are use both inside and outside to make designs. Putting it over the bar, the stage, or the work of the decorators, for example, brings attention to important parts of the company.

A neon sign for home.

Neon signs are use in advertising, but they are also very common in homes and apartments because people like unique designs and creativity. The neon sign would look great in the living room, where family and friends gather to spend time together in an interesting setting.

If you put a neon sign in the room of a child or an adult, it can work as a good night light. Almost anything can be done at home with neon.

Signs are use in neon photography.

Photographers and videographers can use custom LED signs to make unique and interesting images. By putting such a sign in the shooting area, you can make it look like a photo shoot is going on.

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