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Perfect detailed guide in Kheerganga trek : –

Nathan village

Is near and Delight of Orchards. In Delhi, Kheerganga  the private Volvo of buses travels Bhuntar to Rama Krishna Ashram Metro Station or Majnu Ka Tila. The ISBT of Kashmere Gate of Himsuta HRTC is recommended by the option of timely. In the evening all Volvos leave.  This also has Beas River at the confluence point at Parvati river. Barshaini stands for Bhuntar bus and drops near. At Least motorable road in the valley of Manikaran and Kasol of Barshaini. Bhuntar has the best breakfast. In Calgary village the rustic and pretty of this trek. The small town of the Kedar Kantha trek is Barshaini.

There are few staying options and a taxi stand and wine shop and basic dhabas there. This has to supply any of it. I recommend buying it. In Tosh village, the small road diverges around 3km. In that village, the Parvati River is visible to thunder down the Barshaini adjacent to the gorges of it. Near Barshaini and Pulga have been the hydropower projects and are adversely affected by the natural beauty of Parvati river. This has separate time to see and enjoy it and has a bus available also. This has locals deciding on a return journey. This place is also known for its dense forest and the joy of hiking in towering trees. 

Trekking of KheerGanga    

             This is the perfect trekking of KheerGanga and routes of distance from KheerGanga to Bargaining at any routes of 9-10 ka distance . The left turn is the bridge to walkat Barshaini . In that Nakthan village of anyone in KheerGanga.  This route is preferred by a short list of every person whose average hiking speed is minimum 3-4hours. The Parvati river route is nothing but the left side of this valley. It is the most popular route of Nakthan and the trail is marked on this trek.

  This route is a different trek from kalga to KheerGanga. The main route is joined halfway through a different route. This is quite a possible route to pass from the dense forest. And people have to lose the trekking path of KheerGanga to lose the people. The few trekkers are people who know about the route. 

KheerGanga Route  

         From Tosh village the KheerGanga has a different trekking route. This route joins at the village of Nathan this is called Route No.1.  This Tosh is used for staying of Night to take rest . This can scar the deodhar forests and it could be Impeccably welcoming of the abode of shiva. It has to reach the Barshaini by most likely. This bus connection is also there from Bhuntar for work. Most of the people like this trek and enjoyed it. And this trek has to maintain the person’s speed depending on the time taken. This has a difficulty level and has been the ideal fairly easy trek of it.It can be the beginning of a short gentle climb of it. In gorgeous apples Nathan can be tried on hot and sunny days in the absence of tree cover.

The evidence of route in dominance of sridhar towering trees of kalga of nature. Trekkers are travellers of cafes and small wood and stones home to the traditional village of Nakthan of Himachal village. In recent years, homes are offering the facilities of staying. Nakthan villages have a traditional aerial view of this trek.  The short walk of this trek is crossing the village and Rudranag Temple.


In the temple of serene there is one waterfall to fill our water bottles.  In dharamshala aslo there are low money people. And small cafes and Rudranag temple are also there. In that river rushing of parvati sounds like gorges and lovely music to listen to.  Mountain peaks the pine forests are towering to the view of fine.  that we need to carry some candles also to carry alpenliebe and a great choice of uphill climbs of the throat to get dry to provide the energy and sugar of it. In Nakthan village there is a wood carving of the temple door. 

             The trail bridge has a lovely dhaba for staying and has facilities for the emergency trek of Barshaini. In this some shepherds are there with flock goats and sheep . That area has green meadows of Thakur Khan of KheerGanga. It was a little bit difficult to climb the waterfall after the continuous climb of this trekker. This has the path of well marked little chance to do the path. In that path every one must walk slowly in order to enjoy the scenery. It is definitely tiring and a good bit of uphill climb . This has some places that are there for relaxing and shade of trees and to sit in cool air. In this halfway distance the structure of the yellow cafe is there in KheerGanga.   

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