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PPC Tips to Grow Your Amazon Advertising Revenue

Making the most of the most value from your Amazon PPC Advertising means using different strategies to boost your impact on advertising.

2021 proved to be an exciting period for marketing via digital as the COVID-19 virus pushed more companies to online marketing.

Our PPC tips can help you increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and boost your Amazon advertising income!

Learn how to manage an effective paid marketing campaign, and learn the most effective Amazon advertisements.

Choose the Best ASIN’s To Advertise 

If you’re a seller with a large number of items (hundreds or even thousands) the best approach to start your PPC marketing is to start with the most effective ones with organically generated sales.

The majority of top-performing ASINs in organic also are top performers in PPC. Select the most profitable ASINs to begin with making a small profit and eventually expand to other ASINs.

Initial Budgets Shouldn’t Be Too High Or Too Low  

It’s among the most difficult steps to take when creating your advertising strategy. If you’re on a budget that is low, you should think carefully and begin with budgets no less than $10 per day for each campaign. This will allow your campaigns to generate the necessary traffic.

Be patient and keep in mind that all new campaigns require some time to develop and collect the data needed to convert.

Give your campaigns at least two weeks to determine how they perform, and then improve.

To ensure the campaign’s effectiveness, you could move your budget from weak campaigns to more successful ones.

Starting Bids Should Be At A Suggested Level Or Above 

When you are preparing the next campaign, you should consider the value of the bid for the product to be featured.

Keywords and ASINs must not be too high or too low. When the price is too low the campaign will not operate and it will not be able to collect impressions and there is no traffic.

If the CPC is excessive, it’s possible to witness an increase in average CPC and this can lead to an expansion in expenditure.

Your objective is to establish the best bid possible to ensure that your campaign will be successful in converting with the least amount of money.

In the beginning of an entirely new campaign it is recommended to use an amount of suggested bids or a little more than the suggested levels until the campaign has collected sufficient data.

It is possible to optimize it later and result in the highest possible profit.

Adjust Placements 

Since Amazon’s market is extremely volatile and new competitors are continuously being introduced, it is essential to be aware of and continuously optimize campaigns to ensure the highest possible position for your product.

There are many strategies for increasing the number of placements. There are two options: Top of the search (first webpage) and Pages for products.

The process of optimization is straightforward. Keep the campaign’s success going by increasing the proportion of top of search results as well as Product pages.

Take this step with care taking into consideration that the rise in position influences the amount of the bid. 

Gradually increase the number of placements based on the effectiveness of the placement. This isn’t always the ideal option to increase the number of placements since it can result in increased spending and also Arcos.

Cover Each Ad Space On Amazon With Campaigns 

To stay in the market in a huge market such as Amazon it is essential to make every opportunity available to present your products to a prospective client. It is crucial to develop various types of marketing campaigns to be sure.

The campaigns you can make include:

  • sponsored products (Auto Manual ASIN, Categories targeting)
  • sponsored brands (Product collection that includes and with no Customized Images, Store Spotlight and Video)
  • Advertisement with Sponsored Content (Product Targeting and audience).

Every type of campaign plays a role and significance to your marketing strategy. They can boost the amount of Amazon advertising income.

Perform A Regular (Weekly) Bidding Optimization

Bids change constantly. Keep improving and maintaining the highest possible ranking for your product by doing bidding optimization on a regular basis.

It is not recommended to do this step in the process of optimizing your campaign too often. It’s sufficient for you to improve bids every week and allow these new offers to run for a time before they can see their goals.

We do not recommend making bid changes every day since there’s the possibility of data being delayed for many days.

There’s not enough information to know how effective a certain keyword is on a daily basis.

When you are optimizing bids, keep your eyes on the CPC value of a particular keyword. You should increase or decrease the bid based on the effectiveness of the keyword.

If you are targeting a specific keyword, or ASIN has a high Arcos, you may increase your bid slightly above what the CPC value is.

If it is performing poorly Lower the bid by a few percent lower than that CPC value. Like we said, optimize carefully.

In the event that the offer is excessively high or exceeds the CPC amount, this could alter and raise the amount of CPC and lead to an increase of expenditure.

Do Regular Harvesting (Positive And Negative)

In order to improve and enhance the performance of the campaign this is a must.

Keyword harvesting is the process of the addition of search terms from customers that have been converted and performed effectively from Auto and Manual campaigns (broad and phrase) to create new Manual campaigns, or stopping and excluding the keywords or search terms which aren’t profitable.

Most of the time, keywords that result in high spending for Auto and Manual (broad/phrase) campaigns do not translate to negative negative phrases or negative exact terms which can increase overall spending and ACoS.

It’s a crucial step when done regularly in a controlled, systematic, and appropriate manner it will significantly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness and profit.


If you follow the PPC guidelines given above regularly and properly, you’ll run effective campaigns and experience growth of the amount of your Amazon advertisement revenue.

Make sure you select the best ASIN which will take you to the top of Amazon and make you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Budgets should be large enough to permit campaigns to gather traffic and begin to convert.

Check that the initial bids on the campaign aren’t below the suggested amount.

Optimize your placements regularly to keep the highest rankings for your products and boost sales.

Make all kinds of campaigns and ensure that they are visible across all platforms for advertisements on Amazon.

Regularly perform bidding and harvesting to make sure your campaign’s performance is as high as is possible and profitable.

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