Practical Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Buying a vehicle is not all; instead, you have to look after it consistently to keep it running with optimum efficiency. The proper steps and quality products, such as Michelin tyres or Castrol Engine Oil for your car, can substantially improve its performance. It will also contribute to saving you from costly expenses.

Some of the tips that can help retain your car’s capacity to operate effortlessly are as follows:

Regular Oil Change


First and foremost is to use quality oil for your engine. With Castrol Oil Distributors in Dubai, you wouldn’t have to look any other way.

It is also equally vital to keep a check on the oil levels and change it on a regular basis. The changing criteria can be a bit subjective. For example, if you drive 1000 to 3000 miles every day, it is better to change daily. In other words, if you do extreme driving that involves a lot of starts and stops of your vehicle, take a brief time for your engine to cool down.

However, if you don’t drive too much, you can check your manufacturer’s specifications. As oil needs of a car changes as per the model.

Replace Air Filter


If the air filter is not in a proper state, it can negatively impact the fuel efficiency and its acceleration. However, the need to change the filters is less as compared to the oil. If you have been driving around 30,000 miles or several years has passed, then it’s time for a change.

If you drive around areas with potential dust, the need to change air filters can arrive more than usual. You can know by checking whether they are clogged or not.

Choose the Right Dealers


Selecting the right professional for your car care is highly essential. From choosing the correct Tyre dealers, Top Batteries brands dealers to Best Automotive Paint Dealers. The right choices can bring a massive, positive difference to your vehicle’s quality.

Check The Coolant


Coolant plays a significant role in keeping your car at the right temperature. If the engine heats up too much, the coolant cools it down. Interestingly, it also aids in preventing your engine from freezing during winter. If the temperature gauge notifies you that the engine temperature is high, there might be a leak or another issue with the coolant. But before checking the coolant, wait for the engine to cool down; otherwise, it can cause severe harm.

Check The CamBelt


If an issue arises with the cambelt, it can lead to an expensive repair. Therefore, it is vital to check it regularly and replace it before it is no longer workable. If the belt fails, you should make sure to turn the engine off to prevent any further damage. Otherwise, the pistons and valves can face massive damage.

Battery Quality


A battery is the lifeline of your car. An old one can cause continuity problems. More often, it happens that the battery needs to change after five years. Moreover, if the vehicle is not in much use, it can also make the battery go dead. Apart from getting a new battery timely, it is also vital to charge whenever necessary.



A car can either become your most significant investment or the worst asset depending on how you take care of it. Apart from performing the regular maintenance steps, it is also vital to have a knowledgeable mechanic. It will not only keep the car running smoothly but will also increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

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