Problems Related to Your Tyre and Solutions

Car tyres run on different road surfaces, and therefore, they will face more wear and tear in comparison to other components of your vehicle our Tyre and Solutions.

If you ensure proper maintenance, you can keep your Continental Tyres Southampton healthy for a long time. Proper maintenance of tyres is possible only when you are fully aware of the problems that the tyres often face.


According to experts, heat is the worst enemy of your Tyres Southampton. Your tyres become more susceptible to wear, cuts and cracks due to heat buildup.

While your car tyres run on the road face, they create friction and heat at the same time. Moreover, under-inflation is also responsible for increasing the level of heat in tyres, and more heat takes place in tyres due to overloading as well.

Sometimes, the level of heat in tyres increases due to bad driving habits like harsh braking and sharp cornering etc.,

Bad effects of heat at the peak level in the summer season. Therefore, blowouts and other heat-related damages take place during the summer season.


You can lower the bad effects of heat by reducing your speed. When you slow down your car, a lower level of friction will take place to decrease the effects of heat our Tyre and Solutions.

Park your car in a sheltered area during the summer season. Moreover, take short breaks during a long trip. These preventive tips will keep your tyres cool and will not blow out in the middle of the road.

Under inflation and over-inflation:

Actually, this problem is not related to tyres. This problem takes place when you avoid keeping the correct air pressure in your tyres. Tyres with underinflation or over-inflation affect the stability and control of your vehicle.

When you run your vehicle with under-inflated tyres, your tyres will flex more on the road surface. As a result, the contact area will increase to raise the level of heat and friction. Therefore, under-inflation in tyres is a common reason for blowouts.

Furthermore, under-inflation will make it difficult to drive the vehicle with proper driving comfort, control and stability. In Addition, tyres with low air pressure will wear out more on both sides at a faster rate.

Handling the vehicle becomes more difficult if your tyres are excessively filled with air as well. Tyres with over inflation bounce on the road surface with a shorter contact area. Driving on these tyres is difficult in unfavorable road conditions. Moreover, tyres will wear out quickly in the middle part due to over inflation.


Check the air pressure in your tyres regularly. This is the only solution you may have for this problem. Air pressure fluctuates due to changing seasons as well. Therefore, do not forget to check the air pressure when extremely hot or cold conditions take place in your town.

Selecting wrong tyres:

Your tyres would not perform well on roads, and they will wear quickly if you do not choose the right tyres for your vehicle.

For example, winter tyres are ineffective in the summer season, and summer tyres would not work in cold conditions. Similarly, mud tyres would not run efficiently on smooth highways. Moreover, incorrect size, speed rating, and loading index will also increase your problems.


Tyre manufacturers make tyres based on different criteria. Therefore, you have to look at your expectations and driving goals before you finally choose a tyre. Moreover, look at the size and features like speed rating and loading index as well to ensure optimum performance and long life for your tyres.

Punctures and cuts:

These problems may occur when you drive over a sharp object. These sharp objects include pieces of glass, iron nails, screws, potholes and kerbs. Small punctures are easily repairable. If the old tyre has a wider and deeper damaged area, you have to buy a new set.


You can visit a garage to repair your tyres easily. Tyre repair toolkits are also available in the market. You can use these kits to repair your tyres temporarily. Your mechanic will tell you clearly if your tyre is not repairable.

Cracks and bulges on the sidewall:

Cracks and bulges on tyres take place due to ageing. Moreover, exposure of tyres to the sunshine is also a reason for the occurrence of cracks. Bulges on the sidewall also indicate that the internal structure of your tyres is not in good condition.


You have no solution for this problem, and only changing the tyre is an option that you have. Visit a garage to be sure about the present condition of your Tyres Southampton. If the mechanic advises you to replace your tyres, follow his instructions.

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