Creating a classic T shape with your arms is a great way to tone your arms, upper back, casket, and shoulders. This simple exercise can be done with resistance bands or small weights for an added challenge.

Tips With your bases hip- range piecemeal, contract your gluteal and abdominal muscles. Make sure your chine is straight and your hips are facing forward. With your arms straight and your hands at your sides, rotate your arms so that your triumphs are facing forward. As you gobble, raise both hands until they’re at shoulder height, also lower them as you exhale. 1 movement = 1 reiteration.


This simple exercise requires resistance bands or light weights to achieve toned arms. Strengthening your biceps is also good for your shoulders.

Tips If you’re using elastic bands, place them under your bases. With your bases hip- range piecemeal, contract your gluteal and abdominal muscles. With your elbows tight to your sides, hold your weights or bands with your triumphs up, immaculately at hipsterism height. Sluggishly and steadily bring the weights/ bands back towards your body to your shoulders. Hold, also sluggishly with control, lower the weights/ bands back to your starting
Tips With your bases hip- range piecemeal and your hands on your hips, submerge forward with your right bottom. Formerly in a split position, sluggishly lower your left knee until it’s swimming just above the bottom and both of your legs are at a right angle. Rise sluggishly also bring your right bottom back to stand beside your leftism. Repeat on the contrary side.

men doing exercise sit up



This is another great strength training exercise to do with resistance bands or dumbbells. It’s possible to perform it in static or integrate a jab to make your training more dynamic. Ideal exercise for the shoulders and upper back.

Tips If you’re using elastic bands, place them under your bases. With your bases shoulder- range piecemeal, stand with your arms fraudulent, elbows bent to the sides, and your hands holding bands/ weights by your shoulders. Sluggishly unbend your arms, rotating your triumphs so they face outward until they meet above your head without raising your shoulders. Also return your hands to their original position. For a jab, stand with one bottom forward, also drop your reverse knee as you raise your hands.


This exercise is known for toning your buttocks, but it’s also great for adding your leg inflexibility and strengthening your core.

Try it With your bases shoulder- range piecemeal, stand with your hands at your sides. Bend your knees and thickset down, lowering your buttocks while raising your arms in front of you for balance. Be careful not to let your knees go past your toes, but rather concentrate on pushing your butt off while keeping your reverse straight.

A classic trimming exercise ideal for the lower reverse and hamstrings. By performing this posture you’ll feel like you’re in a fitness videotape from the90’s

Tips With your bases shoulder- range piecemeal, gobble as you raise both arms to shoulder height. Keeping your legs, arms, and back straight, bend forward as you exhale, lowering your right hand to touch your left toes while looking at your left hand, which is extended directly above you. Inhale as you return to a standing position with your arms extended. Repeat on the contrary side. Each side = one reiteration.


This simple exercise is great for working lower back muscles and core strength. It’s the perfect warm-up for breakdance moves.

Tips Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs completely extended. Contemporaneously lift your arms, casket, and legs off the ground and hold them. Sluggishly lower your casket and branches to their original position. Reprise.

posture exercise


A classic exercise that can be plant in all types of exercises as it’s effective at contemporaneously working your upper body and abs at the sametime.However, bend your knees and place them on the bottom with your bases elevated rather, If the drive-ups are too delicate.

Tips Start in a classic drive-up position, with your hands under your shoulders, your arms straight, and your toes partake in. Make sure your triumphs are flat, your muscarinic receptors fritters pointing forward, your core is engaged, and your legs are straight. Keeping your reverse straight, bend your elbows and lower your body so that you float just above the ground. Tap to return to your original position.


Another classic trimming exercise, this bone is great for working the hipsterism flexors, abdominal muscles, lower reverse, and lower leg muscles. It’s important that you keep both bases (or heels) on the bottom at all times – do not ask someone differently to hold them for you.

Tips Lie on your reverse with your knees slightly fraudulent and your heels on the bottom, down from your buttocks. Bend your arms, with your elbows out, and place your hands near your cognizance. Engage your core and use it to pull your upper body into a seated position, before sluggishly returning to your original position.

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