Roof Waterproofing Services for Terrace with Floor Area

Roof Waterproofing Services for Terrace with Floor Area

The roof waterproofing services for terraces and balconies with floors is more complex sometimes. Just as simple, it depends on the method chosen.

Methods to avoid for roof waterproofing services of terraces

You should not consider solutions with rigid, non-flexible or semi-rigid terrace waterproofing systems. they includes fiberglass.

To understand the problem, it is worth checking out our waterproofing chemical in Lahore on composites in roof leakage waterproofing.

In addition, some roof leakage treatment systems may not have mechanical strength. This way, they do not withstand traffic, trampling and light furniture dragging. You should not consider them. There include warehouse waterproofing systems such as Silicone, acrylic emulsion, exposed blankets (such as aluminized, for example), among others.

Do-it-yourself methods tend to be stopgap solutions, that is, not durable. Still, it is necessary to pay attention to the guarantee offered by the waterproofing companies in Pakistan.

In the local market, there are few alternative waterproofing chemicals that are available in the colorless version. Around here, they usually create a film on the floor to prevent the accumulation of dirt, and not exactly to waterproof the area.

They are some do-it-yourself type methods of roof waterproofing in Pakistan. They are not suitable for the tropical climate, and you can only apply them on surfaces of a maximum of 35ºC. In addition, the manufacturers’ own manuals warn that, for places with an aesthetic requirement, you must perform preliminary tests.

Also, you must take care, especially on terraces, with products that make surfaces slippery or that do not resist well to cleaning products.

Asphalt blanket renovation

Reforming the roof waterproofing services DHA for the terrace with an asphalt blanket requires breaking the floor and subfloor, removing the old asphalt blanket, removing the rubble and cleaning, and then starting all over again: applying the asphalt blanket, separating layer, new subfloor, and new floor.

From there, you can replace the furniture in the area to use the area again.

It is not a very fast process, and it generates, in addition to the rubble, a lot of dirt. Rubble, which already causes inconvenience in homes, is especially problematic in apartments, as it must be transported to the dumpster at street level.

Roof waterproofing services for terraces with Polyurea

The waterproofing services in Islamabad with polyurea seem to be an attractive option as it does not require breaking the floor, thus not generating rubble.

Despite being a material with mechanical resistance and chemically sophisticated, polyurea may not be the best option for terraces. This is because, according to experts, it is not recommended for places with high frequency of rain; regions with strong winds. In works, some areas are not full release. They have execution in sections with not rigorous quality control. In addition, it also works to substrates where temperatures reach between 45º and 50ºC.

In addition, it is an extremely light product, adding less than 1kg/m² to the slab or roof. It ensures that there are no overweight issues.

The methods and conditions of roof waterproofing services in Lahore are different for roof heat-proofing, bathroom leakage treatment, basement waterproofing, water tank waterproofing and bathroom and tiles waterproofing.

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