Stages Of Milk Processing

Milk Processing: Some basic methods go into milk production. Today, we will talk about the average process it takes to get the milk from the cow to its end result of being in a store.

Learn About The 6 Stages That Get The Milk From The Cow To The Store

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Milk Processing: These are some of the stages milk goes from before reaching you.

  • Step 1: Rearing

In this, the cow grazes the grass, eats its food, and maintains its health while roaming in the field. Basically, the cows spend their time eating and sleeping in this stage. Some dairy farms include hays, grains, or silage in the cow’s diet. Apart from that, some large dairy farms also include antibiotics and hormone-growing supplements. This whole process is done to make sure that the cows’ milk production is maximized and reduce the spread of infectious diseases in the cows.

  • Stage 2: Harvesting

There are two ways you can harvest the milk from the cows. One is your typical traditional type known as hand milking, and the other is machine milking. Let us briefly understand each process.

After the cow’s udder is complete, it is ready to be milked. The timing of the milking is generally scheduled in the morning and the afternoon. Although milking a cow by hand is possible, it is still hard to do if there were a herd of cows to be milked at a time.

The invention of the machine has become a possible action for many dairy farmers to build a better business. With the help of this equipment, the farmers quickly milked the cow within 5 minutes. Milking 20 cows at one time is possible using machine milking.

  • Stage 3: Storing

Milk storage units are used for this process. You can easily purchase a well-manufactured storage vat from Dairy Plant Manufacturer and expand your business further. For no more than 48 hours, the milk is stored at around 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It is done to ensure that the milk fat does not separate from the milk. The storage unit is cleaned each time the farmers keep the milk in it.

  • Stage 4: Transport

In this process, the large stainless steel container truck is filled with milk to keep it cool during transportation. The farmers transport the milk every 24 to 48 hours. It is then taken to the processing factory for lab checking.

  • Stage 5: Lab Testing And Processing

Samples are taken from the milk to check the temperature and the antibiotic. It is further than taken to the lab for processing, which goes through many different tests before packaging the milk. The test includes:

  1. Pasteurization
  2. Homogenization
  3. Separation
  • Stage 6: Packaging

After the test is performed, it is further taken for packaging and delivery to the store. With an automatic packaging machine, the milk is stored in the container for use.

Milk Processing: Takeaway

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