The 10 Most Important Features Of CRM Software

A CRM software is a database that automates and handles all business operations. It stores all the details of the customers so that staff members can better manage the relationships and simplifies booking processes. Additionally, the system monitors the performance and work productivity of the employees. 

Thus, establishing Salonist CRM software helps you increase work productivity and business revenue eventually. The system has many features to streamline your operational tasks. Through this article, we are describing how it will benefit you. 

10 Essential CRM Software Features

Customer Management

It is one of the most basic CRM software features which allows to gather and organize all the details of the clients efficiently. Such as names, addresses, contact numbers, and social media profiles.

Additionally, the system helps in customers acquisition and retention by delivering the best services such as:

  • Shows up the complete details which you want to know about your clients from their first-time visit.
  • Records all the business functionings, webpage visits, sales histories, and every activity or future consideration.
  • Provides a unique reference number to every customer.
  • Automatically, send the acceptance notice of the client questioning and messages, so that they do not feel disregarded or ignored.
  • Save readymade e-mail templates and call longhand that responds to the most asked questions.

Employees Management

Using Salonist CRM software, managers can track the routine activities of all the staff members. It will help the owners to give the performance review of a respective staff member, create incentives, and reward those who perform well.

Moreover, most of the software has a to-do list feature that helps the staff members smoothly handle their time. Likewise, employees can stay informed about the tasks to do and which are already done. In this way, they can schedule their activities and work with full attention. Consequently, it will help them to improve their work performance better than before.

Appointment Scheduling And Booking

It is very significant for every business to maintain a respectable relationship with their customers. This connection affects the client’s base, sales, and brand identity.

Taking an example of salon business, it becomes miserable for the customers experiencing a long queue of people waiting for their turn. In addition, they have to make several calls to arrange their meeting with an individual employee.

Using the CRM software, the owners can allow the clients to manage their appointments from available time slots, dates, and employees according to their preferences. It will make you get rid of a chaotic atmosphere caused by the long waiting hours.

Additionally, the software has a calendar feature that automatically notifies about the open and reserved booking timings. It will avoid the double booking possibilities. Moreover, the system adds limitations to accessibility in respect of working hours and holidays.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a very vital aspect of every company. It supports enhancing business revenue by managing the order, products, and sales.

With the help of CRM software, owners can oversee all the inventories. For example, if you are running a salon business, there should be an availability of huge stocks. It will help to get rid of the situation when the products are unavailable which can make you feel embarrassed about that.

Moreover, using the software, you will be reported automatically when a particular product comes around to get over. With this, the owners can restock those specific stocks and keep a record of the available, out-of-stock, and damaged products.

Sales Forecasting

It is very important to have more cash coming in than going out. The software has a central location where all the information regarding the customers and prospects is stored. Owners can use these details to create an exact view of the clients and approach the right services or products at the correct time. Consequently, it will increase sales and set other routes for further growth and earnings.

With the help of software, managers can automate several business operations, showing the precise sight of how the cash flow is functioning. For instance, the owners can develop a report showing where the best leads are emerging from and when they can possibly convert into loyal ones.


The feature helps in the observation of all the information of the customers. These details will help to choose the kind of products or services, marketing plans, and general communications you want to provide to your clients.

Owners can look into the client segmentation that shows their behavior towards your products or services. It will enable to improvise the assistance more effectively. Additionally, they can acquire a clear view of the data on profit and loss that will let determine their return on investment.

Lead Management

By utilizing the CRM software, you can examine the sales pipeline which is the graphical presentation of the sales circle. Through it, you can have a clear idea of each deal and when it could possibly be complete.

It will display your business’s financial well-being and let you evaluate the earnings you can earn from sales prospects. So, if there will not be proper handling of the sales pipelines, cash flow issues can occur quickly.

Social Media

A CRM software has an integrated social media feature that saves the time of sales management. This is how, as they do not have to switch to other platforms to accomplish the important tasks of observing their business’s social media.

Such essential tasks are:

  • Observe what customers are expressing online about your products or services.
  • Know about the comments and shares your products are getting.
  • Review every social media page such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to personalize your strategies accordingly.
  • Understand who are your clients.
  • Describe your products or services.
  • Work on the everyday duties of publishing to your social media pages.

Workflow Automation

CRM software benefits by automating the workflow of your business tasks. It can accomplish several activities such as:

  • When a client fills up a contact form, the system automatically notifies the right employee.
  • When an employee gets a message, the software again automatically sends a prearranged reply on its acceptance.
  • If clients do not respond to a particular message, the system redirects a follow-up message automatically within a prearranged time interval like 2 days.
  • When an employee rings or sends an SMS to a customer, the system records hours and every communication detail automatically.
  • As the tasks get complete, the system automatically notifies the managers.


Each sales email needs to be acquired and organized conveniently to boost the business revenue. This feature automatically checks the email templates which provides help to sales team members as they have to spend less time composing an email.

Team members can create many email templates for:

  • Essential details about the business.
  • Follow-up after one phone ring.
  • Look into it again after an email is sent.
  • To approach that staff is waiting for clients to return.


The above-mentioned CRM software features are very essential for managing any type of business. Not only will it help to retain the customers but also monitors the activity of the employees.

Thus, with a huge number of customers to your services and good work productivity of staff, you can have immense growth in your business.

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