The 12 best browser shooter games

The Following are the 04 best browser shooter games


A game clearly inspired by the popular Fortnite. Despite its name, battles take place not only in the 1v1 format: there are also 2v2, 4v4 matches and a 10-player battle royale. Gamers will have to fight each other using a shotgun and a machine gun, but construction will help protect against enemy projectiles: here you can put walls, stairs, pyramids and spikes. Of course, the game does not reach the cult ideological inspirer, but as an alternative, if there is no window on your PC, it will do.


A first-person shooter in a classic style. Players are waiting for two modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch, spacious arenas, different weapons (grenades are highly respected) and hurricane gameplay. No rules: you see the target – shoot!


Cubic online shooter in the style of Minecraft. Players appear in arenas, choose weapons, fight bots, zombies and each other. The project cannot boast of a variety and richness of maps, but if you want to have fun with something simple, then Combat Arena is quite suitable for this purpose.


Cult Counter-Strike, ported to the browser almost unchanged. All components are in place: two teams – special forces and terrorists – familiar maps and weapons, familiar gameplay mechanics and tactical tricks. With all this, the game works great in any browser and does not put forward serious requirements for the PC configuration.


As you might guess from the name, the game is a battle royale, in which up to 10 players fight. And it’s a pretty high-quality shooter with good netcode, lots of weapons, minimalistic art and furious gameplay. Matches last no longer than five minutes, and characters can be customized, highlighting among hundreds of the same type of bobbleheads. The racing games unblocked is, of course, available for free.



Top- down battle royale , with 20 people competing for the crown. An unusual perspective for the genre has made its own adjustments to the gameplay – new tactical options have appeared, and participants can hide under trees, in bushes and in other objects. Otherwise, the gameplay is faithful to the classics – we land, look for weapons in abandoned houses and run away either from a narrowing zone, or from an enemy who was lucky to find a gun earlier.


A fun 3D shooter with Counter-Strike shooting mechanics and cartoonish graphics from Minecraft. Here you will find team and single player modes, the essence of which is elementary – just try to kill everyone whose nickname is highlighted in red above their heads. The high speed of the fighters adds interest, because of which they quickly rush around the map and jump several meters.

Features include pleasant shooting, customization options, crafting and an in-game editor in which users create skins for weapons and new maps.


A browser-based prototype of the popular indie shooter SUPERHOT, which will make you the hero of a low-poly yet spectacular action movie. His trick was the game with time – when you stand still, it slows down sharply, and with any movement it returns to normal. So you have to effectively dodge enemy shots, shoot ahead of time or slowly watch how the bullet flies in the forehead.

The gameplay 3d racing games unblocked is based on passing short levels, and if you want more, three parts of the series are waiting for you on Steam, and one of them will make you feel like Neo in VR.


In the early 2000s, we could not even imagine that we could break into Wolfenstein Castle in a browser, even from home, even from the workplace in the office. We do not deny that this game is quite old, but why not touch the classics when it is only one click away from it?

This is the third shooter games  in the Wolfenstein series in which we take on the role of intelligence agent William Blaskowitz and try to escape from a castle that has become a haven for the Nazis and their experiments. Interestingly, it was she who became a model for fast action games and set a new bar in technical performance: the gameplay of this classic shooter is sure to be familiar to your ancestors.


And this shooter may seem quite heavy to your browser, because there is a large three-dimensional map and vehicles on which you can ride on the heads of rivals. The graphics, by the way, are not as bad as they seem at first glance – on, the design of the buildings leaves much to be desired, but the characters and weapons are very well detailed, and for a browser game it’s generally great.

The developers also tried on the behavior of the fighter – the weight of the weapon is felt, and the shooting is pleasant, as is the recoil. There is only one mode, and it is easy to guess from the name – a team fight between the “reds” and “blues”, but it will be enough to call Warmerise: Red vs Blue one of the best browser shooter games.


A low-poly browser analogue of Battlefield – here the skirmishes unfold on large maps, and you can sit in the cockpit of an aircraft or in a tank turret.  The arsenal is small, but each gun is work out.

OPEN ARENA Shooter Games

And this is a browser clone of the classic Quake III Arena – with fast gameplay, power-ups scattered around the map, and fierce firefights in tight arenas equipped with jumps. From the arsenal – both a standard firearm and impressive rocket launchers, a circular saw and other toys. If you miss the old high-speed shooters, then Open Arena will evoke nostalgia.

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