The 8 Main Parts of a Knife’s Anatomy

Ic knives Represents Perfect Handmade Knives, Kitchen knives, Daggers in Outstanding, & Superior Craftsmanship. Made With The Same Tradition & Attention. International Shipping. In this article has introduced you to the 8 main parts that make up a knife.

Parts of a knife

Kitchen knives It is used for cooking, eating, hunting or even for survival, the knife is an everyday object used since the dawn of time. Indeed, the first men first made it out of flint or bone. During Antiquity, the knife evolved under the Bronze Age.

This article will show you the knife from a different perspective. Indeed, in this article we will go through each part of his anatomy. If the knife is mainly composed of a handle and a blade, it actually contains multiple elements that all have a specific purpose. Let’s discover, without further ado, the 8 most important parts of the anatomy of the knife.

Part 1: The Blade

The blade of the knife is the metal part that will cut. The blade can be made of stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, damask … On the blade, we can see the tip which is the most fragile part, the edge of the blade which is its cutting edge, the grind which thins out to create the cutting edge and which can be of different shapes, the back which is opposite to the thread and the tang which extends into the handle.

Part 2: The handle

The handle allows the knife to be used without injury. It is usually made of wood, plastic or bone. In the case of folding knives, the handle accommodates the blade when it is folded. On the handle of the knife are the miter, the rivets, the corbin or pommel, the tang, the guard and the plates.

Part 3: The miter

The bolster is a metal element located between the blade and the handle. The bolster can be at both ends of the handle. The bolsters are used to support the axis of articulation of the blade, to protect the knife in the event of a fall and decorative elements.

Part 4: Rivets

The rivet is a metal rod with a head whose end is flattened. The rivets are located on the handle of the knife. They are used to fix the plates of the knife on the silk.

Part 5: The Corbin or the pommel

The corban is located at the outer end of the knife handle. It is a kind of stopper that ensures the good grip of the knife. Sometimes it is the pommel that replaces the Corbin. The pommel is the rounded head of the knife handle.

Part 6: Silk

The tang is a part of the knife that is integrated into the handle. This is the continuity of the blade in the handle like a spine. The quality of the tang is a guarantee of robustness for the knife.

Part 7: Custody

The guard is fixed between the blade and the handle. This part of the knife protects the user’s hand. Thus, the hand cannot slip towards the blade. The guard also serves to protect the handle of the blade.

Part 8: Platelets

The pads are the outer parts of the handle. They can be found in wood, plastic (ABS or polypropylene) or bone. The plates are fixed to the tang of the knife using rivets.

This article has introduced you to the 8 main parts that make up a knife. Whatever its use, cooking ,kitchen knives, hunting, or survival, whether fixed or folding, a knife is mainly composed of a blade and a handle. The blade is made of metal for cutting and the handle of wood, plastic or bone to be handled by the user. These two parts are themselves composed of many elements such as the miter, the rivets, the Corbin or the pommel, the tang, the guard, or the plates.

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