The Body transformation secrets: Food and nutrition with EMS training

If you are doing muscle electrostimulation training or planning to do so, then thinking of your food and water intake beforehand will always be beneficial. Until you are not taking the right kind of nutrition, EMS training in Dubai will do more harm than good. This training requires the correct type of food with a perfectly defined amount. For optimal gain, your food should contain water, vitamins and minerals, fats, protein and carbohydrates in a balanced way.

What’s the reason for this strictness in the food regime? When you take more calories, your body will naturally burn more calories. As a result, your basal metabolic rate increases, which helps develop muscles and eliminate the extra fat in your body.

As we proceed through the article, we will discuss how the right kind of food and nutrition plays a vital role in building the body you crave.

Things you should know about nutrition before starting EMS training:

  1. Water: It doesn’t matter what body transformation routine you follow. Water, the essential fluid of our body, plays an integral part in our fitness regime. Especially if you are following EMS fitness training, you should consume more water than others. 

From a nutrition point of the water during training should have a good amount of calcium and magnesium. You can add a bit of lemon juice for a rejuvenation effect also. Adding ginger will increase the ani-sceptic and inflammatory properties of water. You can also add fruits like kiwi to it.

Carbohydrates: Not all carbohydrates are beneficial to our health, and we can take them whenever we want. According to the recommendation, you need to take it two hours before EMS fitness training to reduce unnecessary fat in your body. Due to carbohydrates, insulin secretion increases, which reduces glucagon. Glucagon is found in the pancreas, which increases blood glucose levels.

Now we need to eat those kinds of carbohydrates which add to our performance. Fruits like bananas, peach vegetables like potato broccoli, carrot, and mushrooms are full of carbohydrates needed during body transformation training. But we must not eat pastries and sweets when we take the right kind of carbohydrates.

Fats: As most people start EMS fitness training to lose weight, so inadvertently, fat become their biggest enemy. It would help if you were not so rigid about eating fats. Like carbohydrates, you need to understand what’s convenient for your body. There are four kinds of fats in our food platter. They are trans fatty acid, saturated fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid and monosaturated fatty acid. You can safely eat eggs, avocado, nuts and any cheese. 

Protein: It is recommended that protein be taken after a workout as our body becomes tired after heavy training. Protein doesn’t force your system to store fat, unlike carbs. Your body gets what is needed after the EMS fitness training, and the unimportant part of the food pass away through the system. Some people also eat protein intensive diet just to lose weight fast. However, you can opt for some sugar-free whey protein shakes. You need not think about how much protein you need as these protein shakes are well-researched products. Your fitness trainer can help you choose.

Minerals and vitamins: The importance of vitamins is often overlooked during body transformation training because the market is crowded with the benefits of protein and carbs. Minerals and vitamins are the backbones of our body during heavy training like EMS. You must consume Vitamin C for immunity and Zinc for metabolism. You can choose shellfish, milk and different fruits for this. 

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Stop being Crazy about calorie counting: 

Many people start calorie counting the day when you begin your EMS fitness training. The problem with calorie counting is that you need to be aware every time with an extra effort to remind anything you eat. Some people take help of different databases, websites and books. But more often than not, they can cause errors. Because the result depends on the equipment, you choose the amount of training you do and what kind of food you are habituated to. The rough idea of how many calories you should eat is.

  • You should eat protein according to your palm size.
  • Also You should eat vegetables according to your first size.
  • You should eat carbohydrates according to your cupped hand.
  • You should eat fat according to your thumb size. 

In our urban lifestyle, we tend to depend heavily on processed food or outside junk food. The need is that we should keep our food and calorie intake clean. By clean, it means any preservative less food. We need to be more conscious about what we eat rather than what we need. This simple thumb’s rule should be kept in mind to lead a healthy life even if you stop your body transformation training one day. 

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