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The causes and treatments of maculopathy

A maculopathy, or macular degeneration, is a disease of the retina’s macula. It is the macula that controls reading ability. Recognize faces and colors, as well as fine details in objects. It is common for both eyes to be affected by maculopathy. Resulting in the loss of central vision due to progressive disease.

Degenerative macular degeneration affects 20,000 people each year in Italy alone. In the elderly, maculopathy is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Furthermore, Maculopathy does not cause total blindness. There is, however, a possibility of losing central vision as a result. People benefit from combining central vision with peripheral vision. Identifying what and where they are looking at. Individual words can be seen with central vision when reading. They move from one to another through peripheral vision.


Degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration are referred to as maculopathies. Additionally, it gradually damages the macula, the center of the retina. Millions of cells receive signals in this area of the retina. A retinal cell’s most ‘noble’ function is to process visual information.

Despite severe cases, macular degeneration does not result in total blindness. As a result, peripheral vision and lateral vision are preserved.

A test’s process

Most eye exams are dilated. The pupil will be dilated with drops and the retina will be examined. Macular degeneration can also be diagnosed by other tests. These tests are listed below.

In autofluorescence, there is fluorescence

Blue light causes certain eye parts to glow without dye. It is possible to check the retina’s health using this technique.

Taking a photograph of the fundus

A bright light is also used after the pupil has been dilated by the doctor. In order to diagnose macula, retina, and optic nerve diseases, opticians use a special camera to take pictures of the back of the eye.

The optical coherence tomography (OCT) technique

The retina can be imaged non-invasively with OCT. Doctors can measure the retina’s thickness with this method. It is possible to diagnose dry AMD if your retina is thick.

Symptoms of Maculopathy

When maculopathy affects only one eye, it may not be apparent at first. There is no pain associated with macular degeneration in reality. Blurred vision is the first symptom. As well as distorted images in the center of the visual field. Eventually, central vision is lost entirely due to the progression of the disease.

Additionally, colors may appear faded, unclear, or imprecise due to altered perception. The sensitivity to contrast is also decreased.

When maculopathy is present, reading requires more light. Words may be missing individual letters.


Age, genetic predisposition, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are all risk factors. Excessive exposure to the sun without protection. Blood sugar and cholesterol can also contribute to high cholesterol.

Generally, maculopathy of the eye should be prevented by

  1. Smoking should be avoided.
  2. Polyunsaturated fatty acids should be consumed
  3. It is important to exercise regularly;


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