The Top 4 e-Signature Apps for Small Firms

It’s been as easy as picking up the pen and signing receipts, documents or checks, as well as various other documents from the office.

The method of obtaining signatures has changed with the age of digital. Instead of giving you a paper clipboard you can sign on a delivery and the UPS man is now handing you a computer with which you can sign electronically by using e-signature software. It eliminates paper and speeds up processes, making it clear why you should implement it into your organization.

Below are the 4 e-Signatures programs that offer various options while keeping the process easy and safe.

1. We Signature ($10.00+/mo.)

Your customers can sign anything anywhere, anytime by using We Signature. What’s more? It’s designed to be simple and fast for you. Select a document, then add the data you need for your signature, whether it’s an initial or a date, or simply initials.

If you give your customer the document, which has highlighted and clearly marked fields, they can simply mark, date and then return the document. They can also choose from their previous signatures to complete the fields in a single click, in the event they have an We Signature account–all with top-of-the-line security that will prevent fraud. The following are the most basic characteristics:

  • Signature Requests
  • of Users
  • Templates
  • Status Notifications
  • Audit Trails
  • Mobile Signing
  • Payment Integration
  • Signature Reminders
  • Manage Users
  • Video Service
  • SMS Text to Sign
  • Additional Integration
  • API Access

2. SignMyPad ($3.99)


SignMyPad is available on Amazon’s app store. It can download on a range of devices. SignMyPad also comes with a Pro version for $19.99 should you want to pay more.

The app is easy to use by any business. With your tablet or smartphone you can open a PDF document then make a signature, save the file and then email it. It’s an ideal software for businesses that use documents management databases as well as other eSignature programs because documents signed by the signer can be stored in the cloud or servers that back up.

  • Easy loading PDFs from DropBox or email – Insert electronic signature in pdf
  • Optional magnetic stylus available to capture signature
  • Email Signed PDF
  • Signed PDFs can be saved to DropBox
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Add text annotations to the PDF
  • Save as… to create multiple versions of the same document

3. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is another well-known electronic signature software. One of the most appealing features of Adobe Sign is its ability to work seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications. Adobe’s features differ depending on the package you choose. There are currently three plans available: Acrobat PDF Pack with electronic signature, Acrobat Pro DC with E-sign, and Acrobat Pro DC with advanced E-sign. These are the most fundamental characteristics:

  • The ability to digitally sign documents and PDFs.
  • You can send documents to others for signature.
  • Notifications and reminders that are sent automatically.
  • Create PDFs and export them to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Work together on PDFs.
  • Use of e-signatures and PDF tools on Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox

4. HelloSign

HelloSign allows you to easily send, receive, and manage electronic signatures. It simplifies paperwork by providing an intuitive and user-friendly sign experience. There is a free trial available and a plan that costs nothing. The features of the free plan are limited. Some features include:

  • For frequently used documents, templates can be created.
  • Audit trails can be efficiently tracked.
  • Integrations with cloud storage
  • Language support (22 languages).
  • Email support available to customers around the clock
  • Notifications and reminders automatically.

In Conclusion

Electronic signatures is helpful to save time and money. e-signatures are easier to use and offer a quick way to verify the identity of the signatory.

Most commonly, e-signatures can use in PDF documents such as orders and contracts. Electronic signatures can also use to sign other types of paper, like emails or data files.

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