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The Ultimate Guide to Using Google My Business for local SEO

Gaining targeted visibility on Google is a prime concern for every company. Modern businesses understand that this requires an optimized website and online exposure.

Google has simplified this process with its dedicated business listing platform, Google My Business. The platform provides a dynamic overview of the business, showcasing its best highlights.

Due to its immense potential, several companies even hire a capable SEO company in Mumbai to moderate their GMB. An optimized business profile is critical to help potential customers find everything about the business.

However, doing so can be challenging. Thus, here are some ways for organizations to boost their local SEO with GMB.

Top Ways to Get Better Local SEO with Google My Business

  1. Provide Precise & Concise Data

The first step is to provide the essential information to create a comprehensive GMB profile. Some companies opt for specialized firms with an affordable local SEO package. On the other hand, some build a dedicated team for the process.

Even minor errors like using St instead of Street can trigger Google Algorithms. Thus, complete every section concisely with the correct details.

  1. Stay Updated & Engaged

Google My Business is usually the first point of contact between a customer and a business. Keeping it updated ensures potential customers get the latest information about the company.

Businesses must maintain an active profile with photos of new products, events, etc. In addition, they should post the changes in timings and service availability. If Google deems your updates worthy, it will boost your local SEO to find viable customers.

  1. Geo-Tag Photos for Local Discovery

Geographically tagging photos is an excellent idea to attract local customers. Visual content is popular among modern users regardless of the demographic. Geotagging the pics allows businesses to inform local customers about their products, location, and availability in one go. 

  1. Ask for Google Reviews

Word of mouth marketing still plays a significant role in customers’ minds. Naturally, the more customers praise a company, the better impression it will leave on new users.
Even the Google algorithm treats reviews as a key ranking factor. The top three local results appearing on Google searches have multiple positive reviews.
Organizations should ask their loyal customers to leave a positive reviews. Keep responding to the new ones and address any issue they present.

  1. Fill the Q&A Section

New users are bound to have some FAQs about any company. Google provides a dedicated Q&A section to resolve such queries.

Thus, businesses can consider seeding customized questions and answers in the feed. Since anyone can ask and answer these questions, doing so is a viable step.

In addition, companies can organically target keywords in these conversations. Routinely moderating the section will help businesses highlight their best features with accurate information.

  1. Use the Posts for Special Offers

Creating posts on Google’s business profile is not merely about keeping users updated – it is also about attracting them. Companies can use the ‘Posts’ features on GMB and Maps to propose special offers to customers.
You can use it to promote existing or upcoming products alike. In addition, organizations can add a CTA in the post, like buy, visit, or learn more for better engagement.

  1. Set Up Messaging

GMB also allows customers to send texts directly to the showcased number on the business profile. Businesses can enable the feature under the ‘Messaging’ option in the GMB dashboard.
Google assigns an alternative number to display on the business profile. Brands can get real-time alters in messages after enabling ‘Customer Messages’ from the ‘Settings’ tab.


Nowadays, maintaining an updated Google My Business profile is essential to elevate local SEO. However, since Google offers various features, businesses can find it challenging to set everything from the get-go.

Many of them hire specialized firms with an affordable local SEO package. Doing so ensures that the brand will be adequately showcased on GMB. Alternatively, organizations can perform this process organically by following the mentioned steps.

By curating a viable GMB strategy covering every mentioned factor, any business can improve its Google business profile and local SEO performance.

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