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Tips To Amplify Audience Engagement In Hybrid Events

Organizing hybrid events comes with its set of challenges, as it means to keep not one, but two kinds of audiences engaged – those attending your event in person and those attending your event virtually. 

Many event organizers face the trouble of audience interaction, leading to a rather unsuccessful event. Moreover, the fact that audiences’ attention is largely divided and limited – finding out ways in which you can enhance their experience, is the most important concern. 

In this blog, you will be taken through top ideas that will help you boost engagement in your hybrid event. 

Best Ways To Boost Engagement In Hybrid Events

Encourage Questions With Live Q&A 

Giving attendees the chance to ask questions irrespective of their place of attendance, can open rounds of interpersonal communication between people. 

Most all-in-one virtual event platforms will provide a way for your online attendees to ask questions. This is all the more important because it will let you understand whether or not the attendees have their attention intact in your content. 

Further, a round of Q&A will let your audiences get a grasp of all the discussions happening in the event. 

Showcase Social Wall

Social media is a great way to build excitement for the event and make people want to attend it. And by creating the best social media wall, you can actually cash upon this excitement. 

Social media users are constantly creating and sharing content on their handles mentioning the things they are up to. And if they create content mentioning your brand, you can easily fetch and showcase it to your hybrid audience. 

Leveraging a social wall can boost the excitement of your event and make your attendees interested in content creation, which will ultimately escalate the overall excitement of your event.

Bring Out Some Fun With Gamification

Who does not enjoy playing games? So, it might actually be a great idea to include gamification into your hybrid event to help it scale up! Below are some tips to help you use games to get your audience interacting and all excited with your hybrid event. 

  • Allot Rewards For Each Interaction

In a hybrid event setup, it is extremely important to encourage attendees to build networking opportunities and participate in connection building. You can allot reward points for each interaction or every answer they give to showcase genuine interest in the event. 

For instance, they could earn points for each contact they make while networking, or for each question they answer. 

  • Competitions

Competitions are a great way to ignite the interest of your online and offline audiences. For instance, you can divide people into groups and see which segment of the audience does best. 

  • Treasure Hunts

If promoting the fun part of your audience is the goal, you could hide objects both online and physically and encourage your attendees to find them.

Learn More About Your Audience With Live Polling 

Conducting an online poll makes for a great option because not all attendees wish to present their ideas in an open setting and take the center stage. 

Here, leveraging live polling can help you understand what your audiences are enjoying, what they would like more and what their opinions are about relevant topics. So, it makes for a great way to tailor your content with what your audiences wish to learn about. 

Although live polls are primarily used to promote engagement among virtual attendees, there is absolutely no reason why your offline audience should not be able to take part in it. In fact, by combining both the results you can take the overall impact of your hybrid event to an all-new high. 

You can leverage tools like Taggbox Display’s ‘Studio’ to showcase QR codes allowing audiences of both worlds to take part in polls. 

Outsource Entertainment

One great way to build the audience engagement of the event is by outsourcing entertainment. As artists and entertainers are naturally good at keeping the spectators attentive.

For hybrid events that are conducted on a small scale, consider artists of relatively fewer audience bases. As they can still uniquely and creatively keep your audience’s attention and keep them wanting more throughout the event. 

For events that take place on a relatively large scale – stand-up comedians or music bands can be your option. 

Any hybrid event, however entertaining or informative they are, might get overwhelming for the audience after some time. Here, outsourcing entertainment can be your best deal. Also, you need not worry whether or not your audience will be held captive!  

Over To You 

Other than content, audience engagement tips and tricks can really help in a successful event. This becomes all the more important because you are catering to a rather versatile audience. 

Leverage these dependable tips and tricks to bolster your next hybrid event with humongous audience engagement. 

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