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Tips To Know The Credibility of A Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Home renovations are exciting as one can see the home and office spaces transform according to the preferences. However, if you don’t choose one of the reputable direct contractors for the project, you are inviting a lot of trouble. 

For instance, the project might get delayed, the expenses may go out of bounds, the finishing of the work may be improper, etc. Hence, one must check the credibility of the contractors before handing over the project to them. 

We have curated some ways using which you can get to know if a contractor is credible or not. So, without any further ado, let’s look at those.

Ways To Check The Credibility of Renovation Contractors 

Check Their Licenses and Certifications

Going through the contractors’ licence and insurance are the most important steps to check their credibility. Obviously, they are unreliable if they don’t even have the essential licence and certifications, and vice-versa. 

Also, check if the respective contractor has the permits to perform renovations on your property type or not. Different expertise is required for home renovations and office renovations. So, choosing a home renovation contractor for office space remodeling is not a good decision.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is insurance. They offer cover in case of damage to your property. So, if you don’t want to pay for repairing the damage done due to workers’ mistakes, make sure that the contractor’s services have insurance cover. 

Go Through Reviews and Ratings

Head over to the reviews and ratings of the renovation contractor to get a good idea about their credibility. If the majority of the reviews are positive and ratings are high, it means that the services have a decent quality. 

On the other hand, if the clients’ reviews are negative, or there are no reviews at all, it is better to look for another renovation firm. You can check this information on various third party websites. 

Additionally, one can get in touch with the contractor’s past clients to know how reliable their services are. If possible, you can visit their place to examine the quality of the work in detail. 

Check The Company’s Website & Social Media

Visit the renovation company’s website to have a glance over their services. If the remodeling firms have no website or business listing on the internet, then there is no direct way to contact them.  

So, there are high chances that their services are not up to the mark. For this reason, they don’t want to introduce themselves publicly. You are advised to not hire such suspicious contractors, to avoid any problems in the future. 

By going through the price listed on the company’s website, you get an idea if they are demanding a decent amount or they are overcharging. Similarly, compare the prices of different contractors offering services in your area. Afterwards, find out the one suitable for your budget. 

Visit The Ongoing Project Sites 

After internet research, it is better to see the contractors’ work in person. So, one should approach the renovation company and ask for a site visit if there are any ongoing projects near your location. This way, one can know that the respective contractor actually offers the quality they claim. Some try to trick the customers by making appealing false claims on their websites.

If they are ready to arrange a site visit for you, make sure that the project is not in its initial state. Otherwise, you won’t get a good idea about their services. The reason is that only a few things are implemented at the beginning stage of the project. 

Moreover, one can see if the contractor is following the security guidelines or not. For instance, HDB registered renovation contractors are bound to work in compliance with the rules defined by the Housing and Development Board. Furthermore, you can examine if the contractor is taking care of the workers’ safety or not.

Request For A Written Estimate

While looking for remodeling services make sure to choose a contractor who gives all the agreements, expenses, and estimates to you in writing. This way, one can avoid all the issues and disputes in the future.

Suppose the contractor denies fixing a particular part of the property during the renovations, then what is the proof that they have promised the same? If you don’t have the respective details in writing, the contractors will do what they want; and you can’t take legal action against them. So, it is essential to have the project information in a well-documented format. 

When contractors have given the estimate to you in writing, they are bound to complete the project in the specified time and budget. Consequently, they feel more responsible for the work and stay dedicated and inspired to meet the deadlines. 

Go Through Contractors’ Payment Structure

By looking at the renovation contractors’ way of demanding the payments, one can decide if they are credible or not. If they ask for the total payment amount at once; it symbolizes that their services are not trustworthy. 

The ideal payment structure is to pay some percentage of the total amount at the beginning of the renovation project. Afterwards, the remaining amount is paid in small instalments. At last, the final instalment is submitted after the project completion.

You are advised to follow the above payment structure to avoid any scams. Hence, don’t hire those who demand money in advance, as they may disappear after the payment. 


Ensuring the things mentioned above will help you find a credible renovation contractor in Singapore. As renovations require a considerable time and money investment, one must only select a trusted and reputable contractor, after thorough research.

If you want to renovate your home or office, search online like renovation contractors Singapore and choose a suitable one. Moreover, one must prefer the contractors near their location and well within the budget. 

If you have any thoughts and suggestions on the tips mentioned above, feel free to put them in the comments sections. Thanks for reading!

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