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Tips to Write an Award-Winning Case Study – A Guide

Before we get down to the bare essentials, ASK YOURSELF this –

“What makes a killer, compelling and award-winning case study?”

It’s something that many students want to know. Fortunately, this post will serve as a suitable knowledge base.

Experts offering shell case study help state –

Crafting good case study papers needs a practical and inspiring campaign for a solid starting point. Plus, it has to be depicted in a proper and relatable manner.

To help you get started, past winners and online assignment help tutors share tips and tricks for crafting an excellent case study paper.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Experts’ Tips for Crafting Compelling Case Study Papers

The foundation of writing award-winning case study papers depends on solid narrative structuring.”

So Think Like A Writer!

Shell case study help opine: Taking the jury right through your case-study strategy’s journey is essential.

Consider the judge and jury as your readers when crafting your case study paper. Aim to capture their attention and interests with an enthralling story/scenario.

Look to create drama. Set the issue out in the open to leave everyone with bated breaths and astonishment regarding your case study resolution and tactical thinking.

Also, like all good stories, don’t ignore or underestimate the power of a plot twist or strategic twist. Also, ensure your strategic realization is connected to the proposed or inevitable outcome.

Some crucial elements which you can use to make your case study paper more gripping and empowering are as follows-

  • Reflection– explaining where we are at present.
  • Ambition – clarifying where we could & should be.
  • Jeopardy– explaining the various challenges and bottlenecks that we must overcome.
  • Hope– sharing your insights to show everyone the way through.
  • Solution– pointing out the platform/idea/recommendation.

“As you take care of the case-study foundations, move on to figuring out how to tell the narrative.”

So Avoid Complicating Things

Professionals offering shell case study solution recommend – AIMING FOR CLARITY when deciding how to tell your narrative.

Contemplate how others who’ve spent hours, days and weeks reading case study papers. It can be challenging to understand the mindset of someone else. It is a challenge for most writers/students.

You need to connect your mind with others around you, and for that, you need to do these needful.

  • Make your sentences short
  • They should be lucid
  • Avoid unnecessary jargons words /bombastic phrases as it undermines your case
  • Use an easy-to-relate tone and language

Once you incorporate these elements into your case study paper, run it past a close mate and ask for their honest opinion. Ask them about clarity, tone, language and if it’s relatable!

Remember that clarity needs craft. So if you’re proud of your finished case study paper, fine-tune and proofread it.

Look to present your case correctly polished, well-structured and aptly demonstrated.

“Judges value papers that are honest without obstacles and impediments.”

So, Look To Be Honest In Your Case Study Paper

Specialists in shell swat analysis opine –

Just because your case-study paper appears polished, proofed and fine-tuned, it doesn’t imply that it is authentic.

Trying to depict the reality in a filtered version is one mistake many students make when writing their case-study papers.

That’s ironic. In trying to convey the authentic truth, they portray some refined artificial version of that truth. Field experts consider this to be a mistake that must be avoided.

There is nothing like the Truth, and it is Truth that will set you free. So when writing your case study, try to keep those facts or the truth.

It is also called being generous, as presenting those brazen facts in a properly structured manner will make it more relatable and valuable to anyone who reads it.

“Most case studies shortlisted for APG Creative Strategy Awards enter into the final judging stage involving a 5-mins presentation!”

So, When Presenting Your Case-Study – Do the Following

  • Refrain from undercooking it –While the writing scores 50%, the other half is dependent on its presentation. So avoid undercooking it.
  • Acquire an editor –A good editor is beneficial for your case-study writing and its presentation.
  • Rehearse properly & confidently – It might sound easy-peasy, but it’s not. 5-minutes is no way enough. 

So rehearse confidently. There are no do-overs! Also, find intelligent folks who can ask questions about your case study and rehearse with them to counter.

(More Tips to Keep In Mind)

Before Writing, Here Are Some More Relatable Tips To Follow.

Make notes—highlight critical facts and stanzas. Also, underline essential issues that need addressing. Properly focus your case-study analysis. Look to determine 3-5 crucial problems, why they exist, their impact and the people responsible.

To uncover potential solutions/answers, thoroughly analyse course readings, discussions, your views and other external research. When sorting out the best solution, present proof of its pros with cons and if the answer is acceptable!

When you look to draft your case-study paper- remember these points

  • For Your Introduction

Find out key issues, formulate a thesis statement, and lucidly summarise your analysis outcome in less than 2 sentences.

  • For The Background

Set the scene; include background information, relatable facts (with cross-referencing data) and noteworthy problems.

  • When Evaluating Your Case-Study

Highlight pieces of the case study you’ve focused on more and present a discussion about what works and what doesn’t, along with respective reasoning.

  • When Pointing Out Recommended Changes To The Presented Issue

Always provide realistic solutions or changes to be made, give reasons for the answer or change, and share proof to support your recommendation.

  • When Sharing Strategies To Accomplish Your Solutions

State what should be done, when to do and by whom! You can also provide further suggestions or actions to resolve the same issue.

  • Lastly, When Finalizing Your Case-Study Paper

Please read it thoroughly to correct spelling mistakes, sentence constructions, or typos. Also, look to existing inconsistencies or gaps in your case study paper.

  • Check if the thesis statement is direct and easy to follow.
  • Check if there’s ample proof or supporting evidence to compliment your views.
  • Check if there is any component missing out from your case study paper.

You can also take help from professionals who offer Shell pestle analysis help to edit and proof your paper before submitting its final draft.

These experts will be more than happy to do that for you.

If you still have questions – ask assignment writing experts today.

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