Top 10 Best Schools in Noida With Their Fee Structure

School in Noida pave the way for a better life for the children. It is that one decision that can make or break their careers and personal life.

Thus, it is the utmost responsibility and prime concern of every parent to choose the best school in Noida for their children.

Every parent tries their best to select the best CBSE school in Noida so that their child gets the best facilities and premium quality education.

Ten Best Schools in Noida and their Fee Structure

Here is a list of the best schools in Noida with their fee structure which you can choose for your child without a doubt. 

  • Global Indian International School Noida

GIIS Noida is one of the best schools providing quality education and offering equal opportunities to students in sports and other co-curricular activities.

Moreover, their branches in different countries offer global exposure to the students, preparing them for the competition of international standards. If you are looking for the best CBSE School in Noida, do consider GIIS Noida.

Fee: Annual fee of the school is around 2,50,000. 

  • Pathway School

They work with the vision of building compassionate individuals who excel in professional and personal lives equally. The environment at the school is nurturing, and the learning techniques they use are high-yielding.

Fee: Annual fee at Pathway school is around 2 Lac.  

  • Genesis Global School

It is a day boarding and residential school that offers world-class education, incorporating modern teaching techniques. Both educational and sports infrastructure at the school are top-notch, and the results are outstanding.

Fee: Their annual fee is around 4 Lac. 

  • Step By Step School

The school grew from a preschool to one of the best schools in Noida. They have an excellent student-teacher ratio and strive to provide the best educational facilities to the students.

Fee: The annual fee is somewhere around 3 Lac a year. 

  • Delhi Public School

It is one of the renowned institutions in Delhi affiliated with CBSE, providing quality education to children. They focus on the overall development of the children, and this vision has earned them great credibility amongst parents.

Fee: The annual fee at Delhi Public School Noida is around 2 Lac a year. 

  • Alliance World School

The school has good infrastructure, premium educational facilities, and is affordable. They provide a safe and growing environment to the children to help them grow into intelligent and confident adults.

Fee: They charge an annual fee of around 2 Lac. 

  • Lotus Valley International School

Lotus Valley International School is a day boarding school affiliated with CBSE. It has a beautiful campus with all the modern-day facilities. The school’s vision emphasizes studies, sports, and extracurricular activities equally.

Fee: Expect to pay a quarterly fee of 30,000. 

  • Apeejay School

Apeejay is a popular name in the education sector, with its schools and colleges in different cities across India. Their branch in Noida stands tall on all the expectations of parents. It provides quality education and state-of-the-art amenities to children for growth.

Fee: Expect to pay a fee of 2.5 Lac per annum. 

  • Billabong High International School

Billabong High International School is a co-educational, day boarding school with branches in around 40 cities. They have well-equipped labs, clubs, and societies for different activities. They provide all they can for a student’s holistic growth.

Fee: Annual fee at the Billabong High International School is 2.70 Lac. 

  •  Manav Rachna International School

The school emphasizes the holistic development of its students and provides them with top-notch facilities to excel in their life. Their vision is the holistic development of every child, and they work tirelessly towards it.

Fee: The annual fee at Manav Rachna School is 2.40 Lac approximately.

There are many other schools available. We’ve helped you by selecting a few best ones. Make your decision wisely and choose the best school in Noida, for it will significantly impact your child’s life.

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