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Top 5 Indian Female Rappers Open Up About Their Songwriting Process

Top 5 Indian Female Rappers Open Up About Their Songwriting Process: Indian lady rappers had been stepping by step taking the reins in their artistry over the years.

We communicate to a number of the country’s pinnacle lady rappers approximately their lyrics and songs. If you want to generate rapper names then you can generate them from the rapper name generator.

The Top 5 Indian Female Rappers Open Up About Their Songwriting Process Are:

1. Raja Kumari.

The songwriting of Indian-American Svetha Yallapragada Rao, popularly called Raja Kumari, typically derives from real-existence studies. “Whether it’s writing for different artists or for myself, it’s critical to create artwork from the activities happening around you,” she says.

One of her maximum famous songs, ‘Mute’ got her out of the angst of handling the stigmas and stereotypes withinside the track industry. In her gut, Raja Kumari knew that what she changed into doing changed into right. 

She believes that the tune resonated a lot with human beings due to the fact it’s relevant to such a lot of conditions. “Put your haters on mute!” she exclaims.

Her new unmarried ‘N.R.I.’ is near her coronary heart lyrically. Elaborating at the concept in the back of the lyrics she states, “It’s approximately the duality of being from cultures, and having human beings inform you which you don’t belong to either. 

I changed into advised I’m too American for India and too Indian for America. I changed into bored stiff with individuals who have been trolling online to try to convey me down, so determined to make a tune in reaction to the haters as opposed to replying online.”

2. Meba Ofilia.

For Meghalaya-primarily based totally Meba Ofilia, age and time had been key elements that have impacted her songwriting. “I’m at an age in which I’m experiencing a whole lot of matters. Gaining knowledge of too many stuff in any such quick span of time, giving up on matters. 

Which do not serve my purpose. And writing is a manner to vent out.” The style has been a method to an end. She says if she wasn’t a rapper. She nonetheless might have written out her thoughts.

Asked approximately how her hit tune ‘Done Talking’ changed into written. She says, “Basically, Big Ri and I sat right all the way down to write this tune together. 

Big Ri changed into the only with the concept and later conveyed it to me.” Melba says the tune is ready loyalty to artwork.

On a non-public word though, Meba cites the tune ‘Jaded’ as being near her coronary heart. Because it’s far approximately her non-public studies. The tune is primarily based totally on the concept of being held captive in a dating in which you need to stroll on eggshells. 

However then sooner or later locate a manner to set yourself free. Meba remembers some traces which nonetheless ring a bell with her, “This isn’t what we agreed on; with a view to stepping over me, no; the simplest quitting I might do is to feed your ego.” Know more rapper names from the fantasy name generator.

3. Dee MC.

Mumbai-primarily based totally Deepa Unnikrishnan. Aka Dee MC says songwriting is available in a massive spectrum for her. And is not restrained to an unmarried method. 

While her songwriting did revolve around her non-public studies. And teen angst earlier. She slowly wheeled closer to an extreme and in advanced method over time.

Talking approximately certainly considered one among her maximum famous impartial tracks, ‘Taking My Time’, she remembers, “I wrote it in 2017 after a yr of now no longer composing any track. 

It changed into the year I changed into maximum depressed. Because of a few professional picks, I made that were given me caught in conditions I took time to get out of. 

However, I got here out a far more potent person. And learnt lots from the complete experience.” The concept of penning a tune approximately taking her time to polish got here clearly to Dee MC. 

The lyrics are approximately taking part in the adventure. And making the maximum of the present, without stress approximately the regular stress of ‘making it’ withinside the industry. 

“That’s some other component I’ve learnt from my personal journey – ‘emblem ka kya Aaj Karte Yaad Kal bhool jayenge’ meaning ‘human beings will don’t forget you nowadays and neglect about you tomorrow’. If you are making tracks to chase their interest then it’ll simply be a rat race,” she adds.

Dee MC says the tune ‘Bars From The Heart’ from her debut album Dee=MC² is certainly considered one among her non-public favourites. She wrote it as an open letter to her dad and mom and her listeners.

 “I changed into born in February 1994 and my dad was given activity in Saudi Arabia in March 1994. I grew up far from him for 25 years. He simplest retired ultimate year. 

The tune is an ode to the rocky dating I’ve had with my dad and mom. With this guilt of sacrifice continually being a massive factor. I pass on to speak approximately how matters do extrude with time. And so did my rapport with my dad and mom.”

4. Sofia Ashraf.

Chennai-primarily based totally Sofia Ashraf in the main borrows from her personal conflicts for her songwriting. Particularly her identification as a hijabi, a person who’s ambitious, and additionally a person suffering from patriarchy.

Throwing mild on how her maximum famous tune ‘DOW vs Bhopal’ got here approximately, she says, “Back in 2007, once I changed into nonetheless in college.

That yr, the subject of Justice Rocks changed into The Bhopal Gas Tragedy – certainly considered one among India’s worst tragedies,” she remembers. The concept of Justice Rocks 2007 changed to persuade graduating engineering college students to boycott DOW placements regardless of their Rs eleven lakh placement packages. 

Sofia determined to write down the tune as a rap war with one man gambling DOW Chemicals and her gambling Bhopal. The tune has become instrumental withinside the protest. A gaggle of college students withinside the target market boycotted the placements and protestors from Bhopal who have been withinside the target market approached Sofia after the overall performance pronouncing her tune made them sense supported.

While Sofia doesn’t relate to a maximum of her older songs, her tune ‘Lucky’ receives her thru a few hard days. About the lyrics of the tune, she says, “I am continuously privy to my privilege and test it on every occasion I can. 

But, I’ve realised that checking your privilege and acknowledging your personal struggles aren’t at the same time exclusive. Checking your privilege does now no longer suggest discounting your personal struggles. 

It in reality way know-how that there are others who’ve it manner harder than you and being open to extending greater aid to them. So, you could test your privilege and on the equal time renowned your personal struggle.”

5. Siri.

Siri Narayan from Bengaluru kicked off her profession in track 4 years in the past after paying attention to ‘Out Of My Mind’ via way of means of B.o.B proposing Nicki Minaj. 

Today, Siri is greatly recognised for rapping in more than one language, such as English, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi.

When requested if it’s far hard to write down lyrics in more than one language. She says it’s far pretty the opposite. “Sometimes there are comparable sounding phrases in one of a kind languages with one of a kind meanings. Which makes the method fun.

I actually have my personal likes as to how I need my rhymes to sound. And I the layout it accordingly,” she cites, whilst speaking approximately her fashion of songwriting.

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