Top industries utilizing the power of missed call services

Missed call services is used by many industries as it is beneficial in terms of time management, strong database, and also economical. A business with missed call alert service can call back the customers who called on the given business number. When a customer calls on the business number with missed call alert service, the call gets disconnected after a few rings. It gets recorded in the database which can be later used to follow up or reconnect with the customers by a business agent. Miss call alert in India is becoming popular as more industries are using it for various services offered by them.

Missed call solution is economical as it can be directly installed and used. It does not require any setup facility or manual work. It can be said that missed call alert service is one of the profitable investments a business can make for enriching customer service and expansion of their business.

Various Industries Using Missed Call Services

Some of the top industries utilizing the power of missed call services are:

  • Banking and Financial Services

The banking and finance sector uses missed call solutions to offer customers details of account balance, mini statement, and transaction details where the customer can just dial the assigned missed call number for each request. Each service request has a specific missed call number which can be availed through the customer’s mobile number. When the customer calls on the specific missed call numbers, the call gets disconnected after a few rings and the customer receives the message from the bank with details of the request. Miss call alert in India is used by all the popular banks like State Bank of India, Indian bank, IndusInd bank, Yes bank, etc.

  • Educational Institutes

Missed call alert service can be used by educational institutes in many ways. It can be used by the management to verify the contact numbers of the students or to send them confirmation messages. Many educational institutes use missed call solutions to verify contact numbers, thus getting the students’ records without any manual engagement and maintaining privacy. The administration and faculties can use missed call solutions to get confirmation of participation for any event and also for polling. Institutional surveys can be conducted through missed call solutions.

  • Healthcare

Hospitals and clinics can use missed call service to get back to customers who would call for appointments or queries regarding services. Hospitals can also assign specific numbers with missed call solutions for booking appointments of healthcare professionals with special call visits or to avail offer packages from the hospitals. Customers can also call on the missed call numbers to request home visits or for home testing.

  • Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality

Missed call solution is also popularly used by the travel and tourism industry. Customers can call on the number and can get a response from the company to address their inquiries. As the customer number gets recorded in the database, messages related to booking confirmation, hostel room, transportation details, etc. are easily sent to the customer’s number. The messages become handy while traveling and the customer does not need to keep calling for details. Travel, tourism, and hospitality companies can collect feedback and service surveys. A customer can use services through missed call alert solutions to get information related to vacation or travel packages. After completion of the trip or if the service no longer interests the customer they can easily opt-out of the service.

  • Real Estate

Being connected with the customers is one of the major tools for profit in the real estate industry. Seamless communication comes by reducing all barriers to communication. With a missed call alert service, the real estate industry can keep a strict database of all the callers. It reduces the risk of call drop thus strengthening communication flow and efficient customer engagement. The database helps the industry to connect easily with all of its prospects and stakeholders. It helps in managing bulk call records without manual work, thus reducing agents’ workload. It offers real-time updates with the analytical dashboard.

Knowlarity is a leading missed call alert service provider that is trusted by many industries for their growth. Knowlarity offers expert guidance with a free trial period that can help a business get the best features as per their needs.

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